Frame builder - Kypo. Educamate me.

Anyone provide more info on the person that built under the name Kypo?

Is it “Kip-o” or “Ky-po”?

All I’ve found out that the builder was Rob Kypriotis.

And at some point someone on here had one.

Hey I’m Greek - I’ll ask all my cuzins!

Get in touch with user classic1 on he appears to have 3 Kypo’s and is friends with Robert. Kypo would be pronounced Kip-Oh if he’s kept the wog flava

Classic 1 says this:

Robert Kypriotis built Kypo frames from the early 80’s through to the mid-late 90’s in Latrobe Valley in Victoria. I can’t remember how many he built but it was in the many 100’s, all custom. Would use whatever tubing you wanted, all steel, either lugs or fillet brazed. Most were road or track, with a few tandems, tourers and MTB’s around. Mine are Reynolds. Two road frames (753 and 531 with Cinelli BB shells and columbus ends) and a 531 track frame. Kypo frames pop up on ebay occassionally or in the Melbourne Trading Post.

I can remember him building a couple of bikes for an American who lived down this way for a while with a local search and rescue organisation. A track frame that had a sloping top tube (like a sprint frame) and a road frame IIRC.

Robert also appears to have raced with Morwell CC and Latrobe CC.

Sorry if you’ve already deduced all this.

I deduced none of that. My Veronica Mars skills are slipping! (slipping into Kristen Bell, well that’s another story).

I’m going to check out a complete Kypo pursuit road tomorrow. Think it’s 531, pretty keen on it (if I can get it by the wife…).

Sounds Awesome!

I’m keeping my girlfriend completely bike illiterate for as long as possible. Robert seems to have younger brothers/sons/cousins who race too. I think he’s in his 60s. He also seems to have built max track frames. Damn I’d like to get my hands on a max built by greek hands! Actually I’m not that patriotic I’d probably take a Turkish max too.

Freaking GOLD.

Contact Tris at Commuter Cycles for some more info on Kypo’s (Kip-Oh), and when he stopped building, where his tools went etc.

Chanks guys.

Found this thread as well.

they are sweet.

Sounds like you know where his tools went- where did they go?

Rob Kypriotis sold everything to Glenn Gibson in 1999, who’s based down in Yallourn Heights. He also received records of all the frames that Kypo built, so he’s the man to go to if you think you have a Kypo. He can be contacted via Darren Spiteri @ Latrobe City Cycling Club. Keep in mind though that Kypo usually stamped his frames beginning with the month of the year, then a K, then another number. According to Glenn, he stamped a rose on most of his frames near the top of the seat stays. He also made his own dropouts for some of his frames stamped simply as “Kypo”.

By the sounds of things (from Daryl Perkins) Rob Kypriotis is now in a blues band. Go figure

a dude who races track for brunswick c grade has a fucking amazing kypo(its all about his seat stays), he also got it for about $500 including 3 sets of track wheels, fucking steal!

The Rose came on later frames, legend has it he started doing it as a tribute to his beloved wife, Rose. He also built frames as L’Kypo around that time.

My mate (who shall remain nameless) has an immaculate, ferrari red, all-Max Kypo track hanging on his wall. I’d steal it if I was a foot shorter.

Well I didn’t get the pursuit, don’t know if it’s still there, but it’s Reynolds 531, 650c front, 700c rear, Mavic rims, Dura Ace cranks, Mavic bullhorns, PM me if you want to contact the seller.

price? track or road?

haah your an animal gyp!

get on it i need a pursuit hahaha

Pm’d you Gypsy…

Oh, the rims are Mavic SUP’s.

an avid collector yes.