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Gearing configuration on touring/dirt bike/all bike

is 10-42 at the rear & a compact crankset total overkill? Bigger is better right?

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Touring Mantra Chant #43
You can never have too-easy a gear when touring fully-loaded

^ yep.

I reckon sub compact double over a triple for sure, only downside is long balls rear derailleur. 30/42T f/r would be plenty I reckon

Compact cranks, redonk rear setup
34:42 = 0.81

Subcompact cranks, medium cage mtb mech
30:36 = 0.83

Another +1

Mtb gearing with a triple up front.
The easier the better.

So for Subcompacts we’re talking: Sugino OX601D, Sugino XD2, VO Grand Cru 50.4 Mk 2, IRD Defiant Wide, WI VBC’s, Rene Herse Double Crank.

Will a Road medium cage rear mech make it on a 36t or are you restricted to a MTB mech? Trying to work out what rear cluster/mech to go with on the Wolverine that will work with the Shimano RS-685 hydro brifters.

It might be a stretch with a med cage, also need non-dynasys (i.e. 9 speed) shimano MTB mech for 10/11sp shakes

You can pick up sugino made 110bcd compact doubles for cheap too if you’re patient with eBay

I had a thread about this somewhere

look up the limits, shimano current road short cage gets you 30T, medium 32T.

11sp road no worky with mtb mechs.

This is a bummer because I was considering replacing my 5800 for something clutched

Shiiiiiit, didn’t realise that

there is no official clutched mech setup for shimano shakes (unless you di2).

Once someone gets their paws on 11sp mtb they can test that out. dynasys 10sp hasn’t yielded anything.

seems like shimano’s leaving money on the table for sram to take with their clutched setups.

Fark, I was kinda hoping Shimano Road 11spd would work with the new Shimano MTB 11 speed. It’s going to be one of those cable pull difference things isn’t it?

Oh, so no-ones tried it yet?

Maybe it’s time to be a guinea pig.

ST-RS685 Dual Control Lever (got them already, inc cables)
XT RD-M8000-GS Medium Cage Rear Derailleur ~$130-140
XT CS-M8000 Cassette - 11-40 or 11-42 available ~ $140
HG-X11 chain - CN-HG900, CN-9000 will also work ~ $40-60

So for under $340 I could test it out.

My approach for a touring bike: aim for at least 20 gear inches, preferably less, like 17-18".

I try and set it up as a compact double, usually using the inner and middle rings on a triple. So, you’ve worked out how to get <20" with the inner ring and rear cog, then setup the middle ring to give a good overall range, with the idea being that you almost exclusively ride using this front ring, dropping down to the inner when it gets steep. In practice, I find a 24-26/40-44 front to a 12-32/34 gives me this range using a medium cage RD. I have stretched out a short cage to run on a 32 recently, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend it (I had the B screw right in and then a little wedge under that). Top gear works out to be around 90", which is low-ish, but I’ve never found it to be a problem on a tour.

I’ve read elsewhere it won’t work, except for Di2

none that I know of. I’m sure some nerd has

will a DA chain be long enough? Probably given the smaller big ring, but I’d just get the mtb chain for best cassette compatibility. Don’t think xtr and da are the same chains anymore.

11sp road shakes plus 10sp dynasys =

It’s a resounding NO! I get 9 gears working flawlessly and there are 2 points it needs a double up/down shift to make it change on sprocket and I can’t get the last 2 sprockets.


Will the new M9000 XTR derailleurs work with 11-speed Dura-Ace, Ultegra or the new Shimano 105 STI shifters?
In typical new component group fashion, no. The cable pull is different. No clutch option for road Shimano road shifters yet.

Can I use the XTR M9000 cassette on my 11-speed road setup?
Maybe. It should clear your spokes and fit on your 10-speed and 11-speed (with a spacer) freehubs, but your rear derailleur will likely be incompatible with the 40t cog. However, some clever folks have figured out that a longer rear derailleur B-screw can be a cheap hack to make it work.

There are a few MTB doubles that will give you a sub sub compact front option too, like an X9 or SLX/deore, 26/38 or 28/42 kinda jam. Q ain’t necessarily great though and front mech requirements might be a problem.

Will the new M9000 XTR derailleurs work with 11-speed Dura-Ace, Ultegra or the new Shimano 105 STI shifters?
In typical new component group fashion, no. The cable pull is different. No clutch option for road Shimano road shifters yet

That’s what I read the other day

And just to add more hearsay which directly contradicts the other R11M10 setup above:

I have Ultegra 6800 eleven speed shifters operating a 10 speed XT M786 rear derailleur (with the b-screw jammed in) to run an 11-40 11 speed xt cassette on a “10 speed” mountain bike freehub. The same setup also sees an 11-32 Shimano 105 and an 11-28 SRAM 1070 11 speed cassette. Shimano 11 speed road is the same cable pull as Shimano 10 speed mountain.

I’ll believe the the works/doesn’t work when I see it IRL or in a video.