Gefsco track bike

gefsco fixie track bike single speed fixed gear | eBay

lovely (except the half-link chain)

Nah it’s shit tell them Scott haha

yeah shit, cracked frame, paint is shit, brooks are uncomfortable, zeus make shit hubs, and campy make shit cranks

i’m after this though… seriously

cracked frame whut? im bidding on this and nowhere does it say the frame is cracked…

I mean cough this bike is shit dont waste your time or money bidding :stuck_out_tongue:

lol…wish you both well…its gonna be a bidding war.

nah but jokes aside a little birdy tells me you spoke to the seller already enquiring about it. did he tell you it was cracked?

lol dude!

i thought campy made good cranks?

No we said it was cracked as a joke so scott would win it but he got another bike.
Before you bid on anything sort out what size you need.

lol :wink:

it’s a nice frame, super tight, but its been rattle canned which turned me off, would have ended spending more, then i got something else so i left it, very surprised it didn’t go actually, even at $500 its not bad, i’m out though all yours!

edit: sorry for misleading the crew as far as i know its a rock solid frame, all good and that and shit

^^^ hilarious tactic. So using it in the future!

got to play dirty sometimes, haha no not a good idea, shit will get narszdy, thought it a reasonably obvious and transparent ploy, pity i used it on something and then didn’t follow through, wasted ah well, hope someone nabs this, i saw it locked up in the city once and stopped and had a look, its nice, but would be nuts with a repaint and original/repro decals, and with drops

Ridiculous Bargain!!
gefsco fixie track bike single speed fixed gear | eBay

winning! i was negotiaiting around 5-600 when it was first listed, bargain! keen to figure out what the wheels are like, if they are a similar vintage to the frame/hubs, i doubt it but who knows, maybe they’re atlantas

Yeah good buy but not Atlanta’s may be mavic or rigida?

probly rigida, and vintage radial dayne your favourite!

haha good job scott.

To bad the frame is cracked…