going fixed

hey guys,
ive been ridding mountain bikes for ages and have seen fixies around and thought they were pretty cool and after riding a mates i wanted to build one up, so after finding this bike in a skip down my street i thought it was perfect for the job its an Apollo Jaguar, to get it running i put sugino vp130 cranks, some bmx pedals and a selle itaila seat. its a pretty fun commuter, and im going to get fixed wheels and other things like bul horns and paint soon so its a build up thread hope you enjoy it.

Update 11/5
hey guys got my wheels

starte rawing my frame to spray it white, and also bought some tires and bar tape that should be here soon too.

Update 12/5
Not a big update but my frame is nearly raw and should paint it up this weekend. Bar tape and tyres arrived. Any one had experiance with michelin speedium tyres?, pretty cheap ones off torpedo7.

Update 22/5
Hey guys after trying for nearly 2 weeks i couldnt strip the apollo and saw a old speedwell frame in really good condition so i got that and ill keep the original paint so should be built up very soon.

Update 27/5
repacked the bearings in y head set bb and wheels biult her with some drop but i will get flats soon as i find a bmx lever.pics up later

cool. free bike, have fun.

bought some wheels just then, stars circle ive heard their pretty dodgey but 100 posted they should be fine.
got them in blue so i think ill paint my frame white and get blue bar tape and a blue chain.

sorta like this? but now with white bar tape.

haha yeop the exact same exept silver cranks and bull horns, look rad is it yours?

For that unique touch you should keep the frame as it is. By spraying it you’re only making it boring like every other fixie out there

Can’t go too wrong with those wheels man. They’re the arse end of wheels but when you break them you’ll be dying to get a better pair.

update and any tips for getting paint off?
paint stripper is a long process.

just a heads up on those wheel, make sure that lock ring is hell tight at all times and don’t skid too hard. the front wheel would be fine, it’s just the cheap hubs they lace to those thing are terrible, i stripped one in like a week. they work fine with a free wheel though
happy riding!

im pretty sure i saw you in ivanhoe the other day. either that or you have a bike clone.

thanks heaps did your lockring slip?
thanks for the other comments too.

is that in canberra? haha i was riding around civic to the narabundah veledrome a week or too back?

bike clone. Located in melbourne. very very very similar bike clone.

oii man when your riding with those wheels a mate of mines was doing skids and like the whole wheel kinda buckled up and he flipped pretty funny actually so just watch it. Have fun though

Hey DJ, stop posting rubbish to get to 25. Enjoy your new low low postcount.

Hey DJ, stop posting rubbish to get to 25. Enjoy your new low low postcount.

Mate its not rubbish it actually happened he had some star wheel and went off the gutter and a little drop when we were in the city. Then it just buckled heaps badly. And he stacked it its true. Also im not posting rubbish its quality look in youtube post a video a day thread some qaulity videos ive posted there.

I’m referring to the bulk of the junk you posted yesterday.

Just like this

Quality videos too? wow, that’s some serious post content there bud.

You will get trading access in a month automatically, no need to post post post to up the count.

whateva ya say mate:p

hey, i ride with the star wheels… i will admit, they aren’t great. But they are good for money if your not riding hard…

within a month of riding them, the lockring and cog was slipping A LOT! it happened the first time when i was approaching a red light at a high speed… ended up on the pathway ha ha. Just take the cog and lockring off and put the spacers on the outside rather than the inside and then there will be enough thread for the cog&lockring.

hope this helps for anyone who has the same problem :slight_smile:

oh okay thans i might be getting a new cog thats thicker at the threadan has more thread on it to prevent it stripping as well so that might help too.
thanks for the help though.

I was thinking about getting stars, not sure its only 80 bucks more for better ones at Velogear…