haha seems 11 speed isn't so bad after all

Shimano Dura-Ace Di2: 11-speed And Disc Brakes For 2013? - BikeRadar

Why don’t they just make 10 faster?

These go to 11, though.

Haha, can’t wait for all the Crampy fans to start crying ‘oh but we did that first’. Yeah that is true but 4 years on you’re still trying to get electronic shifting to work.

And failing miserably…

News: Campagnolo Launches Electronic Shifting

meh my hands and cables shift fine.

Oh come on, have a rant… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s no point stirring the pot if you don’t get a meal…

No need :stuck_out_tongue:

And I’m sober

So is Brendan.

Why don’t they invent some kinda little electric motor that goes down the seattube and gets you home when you’re fucking tired?


Discs will be nice I guess, but in general, new ideas mean new standards meaning new wheels meaning new frames meaning more cash sent overseas to pro-bike-kit and wiggle by Caufield & Carnegies middle packs.
Whatever though.
Invent a 10 speed internally geared fixed gear hub eh?

world class, first-response posting!

Dura-Ace 2013’s 11 sprockets will apparently be packed onto a new freehub body that’s wider than current 10-speed bodies

FFS another fucking proprietary standard not compatible with anything else yay

I don’t know why, but the idea of discs on road bikes makes me ill.

qft. it’s annoying enough that shimano and campy 10 speed cassettes aren’t compatible, now there’s another “standard” thrown into the mix

will be sticking with mechanical shifting and rim brakes for a while yet.

i’m a bit like that with discs on a CX bike.

Wonder if it will backwards compatible like 9 speed cassettes on a 7 speed freehub body- ie you loose a gear. In other words 10 becomes 9??

haha at least campag had the sense to use the same free hub 9-10-11 :smiley:

cola wars.

‘Well, the onla cola that I support would be a union Cost Of Living Allowance’