I wanna invest in a new helmet and was wondering what most of you guys are wearing…Im currently wearing a skate type helmet but the summer is killing me!

This thread probably won’t help you. You can really only try a bunch of different brands and find one that fits comfortably, then narrow it down to your price range. Knowing what others wear won’t necessarily help.

FWIW, I use a Tec R5. Lightweight, comfy (for me) and cheap at around $90 if you can find them.

Agreed. Go to lots of shops, try as many brands/models in your price range and pick the best.

just got a giro atmos for 180 bux. really happy with it.


And dont just try different brands… diferent models between the same brand will often fit/look different.

also if you think you will be wearing a cycling cap (or beanie… depending on where you are) underneath it… take that.

realise that at first glance in the mirror when trying them (esp if you are used to a skate-style lid) you might think you look like you have an egg on your head. as you try on more you will notice some looks less so (and you notice less).

play with the adjustment… ive found that thanks to taking my helmet on/off a bunch than the average roadie (going into stores, in/out of the house) that the slider will often get bumped and i have to correct the setting. having one that required both hands would be a pain.

darker colours/less colours will make the helmet ‘look’ smaller relative to the rest of your head. (isnt black supposed to be slimming :roll:)

and dont sacrifice fit for cost… if you ever need your helmet im sure the extra $$ will pay off. oh and enjoy the considerably lighter and more breathable feel of a road helmet!

FWIW: i love my catlike kompact pro, had (and thought well of) a bell ghisallo.

In have a Specialized. I’m down with it, but my sweat has killed the padding on the forehead after about 4-5 months of pretty regular use. It was about $130.

But +1 to what the people up there said.

Orange Rosebank stackhat.

No wait - that’s just my head.

Zero tolerance will be applied to this thread if it becomes another fucking helmet/no helmet debate.

Whether you wear one or not, don’t argue about it please.

I’ve got some met things, its matte black and fits super well.
Try a heap on until you find one that fits well, and as sillyas it sounds, find one that is in a colour you like. I would never wear a baby blue helmet, but ill rock my black one 24/7

Ive got a Lazer Magnum/Helium MTB/roadie thing (take the visor off and its a roadie helmet).Heaps of vents and its actually lighter, if your into that sort of thing, than the higher end Lazar Road helmet in Quickstep livery. Only 165 beans I think.

I believe you can get replacement pads pretty easily if you contact specialized (or wherever you bought it from can ask).

bizarre (but good) tip i got from a hardcore racer (does a bazillion training miles) i know… take your helmet into the shower with you every week or so and give it a wash there and then with some soap or shampoo. it’ll extend the life of your pads and keep it from stinking up.

The replacement pads are easy to get. Go and see Total Rush in Richmond :wink:. They’re cheap too.

I ride a Bell Sweep XC, bought mine from overseas and it does apply with Australian Standards so you will be covered by insurance.

I have had the helmet for a couple of years now and from my experience it is VERY light, a good fit on my head and has great cooling. I ride a lot of XC and do tend to sweat a bit, a quick push on the pads against my head and the sweat comes dripping out and you are good to go.

Yeah, I got replacement pads for it the other day.

I’m down with the washing idea.

I’m not so sure they would survive much washing, they’re kinda made to be disposable and I’m pretty sure they’d fall apart. You might be OK being really gentle.

did it with the bell for about 2 years, catlike is going on 1.5yrs but i havent had to wash it as much as it breathes more… you dont actually take the pads out of the helmet, you basically just rinse and (if you want) lightly soap the pads in-situ.

I was really just talkin about Specialized helmets like the 2D etc. The inserts are designed to be thrown away and replaced regularly (prob more frequently than I do but i don’t wear a helmet often :wink: (sorry Snowflake))