Herald Sun Tour

Herald Sun Tour

Anyone getting along?

We’re proposing a big day on the bike on the Saturday, riding down to Arthur’s Seat to watch the stage on the climb, then ride home. Probably about 175 km return to Melbourne.

Will get down to the Lygon St criterium for a look as well.

Would be sweet. Keen.

will defs be at lygon st for bike watching action and bargains.

Awesome idea.

I’m dead keen for this, was gonna ride anyway if you dont mind me tagging along.

who wants a crabon bike ridden into the ground by a pro?! Only 2000 monies!

P.S. This is the same day as Genes omnium event.

who wants a stem ridden for one year for $20?* me do!

*actual bargain. the current stem on my track bike came from some euskatel rider.

Nah mate - all welcome. Be good to ride down with a big crew and get rowdy on the hill.

Ah f#ck. It is the same date isn’t it. Geeze Gene!

Great course

Yeah it’s great. F#ck. I’m torn Rapha Epic. I vote we get Gene to move his tourney.

I had the same plan, although I will take my two kids to watch the crit on Sunday for some edjamacation.

What time are you planning on riding down on Saturday?

I’m in - both for the ride down to Arthur’s Seat on Saturday, and family fun day on Sunday.

im not bother’d but im not changing the date of the omnium

I’ve heard of this before… How’s it work? Riders sell off gear after the race is complete? If so, where and when?


usually the team doing the selling - tents will likely be up in lygon square. bring cash - there ain’t no eftpos.

Me Too, any ideas on meet times etc as i’m away all of next week “offline” driving and riding up the central coast.

There’s going to be some kind of ‘Dutch Corner’ kind of party somewhere on one of the Arthurs Seat hairpins, courtesy of Cycling Tips.

Haussler, Bobridge, the two Myers are racing for Garmin Cervelo. Awesome.

katusha are riding, unfortunatley without Vlad Karpets.