How to stop big brother?

I suspect most people on this forum are pretty internet savvy. Just wondering what people do to customise their internet experience, block ads, and generally prevent the evil corporations from spying on you.

I’m pretty poor in this field, but I have been running Flash Block on my browsers which has totally changed my internet experience.
I was reading about how to block Google Analytics as well- how far do peeps take it?

Do you mean like loading up lots of add ons for your browser, running a system cleaner, peer blocker or full blown anonymizers?

  • My IT is limited as well. :slight_smile:

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I have banks accounts, a tax file number, car (but not bike) registration, a telephone, other utility accounts, facebook account, I pay rates etc etc and I travel regularly. Call me complacent if you like but frankly I can’t be arsed with quixotic efforts to protect whatever privacy I’ve long since lost.

But the ATO don’t sell your personal information (well I hope not)

every other bastard does

I use Google Chrome, I find it great with security etc. Also I run Super Antispyware Free for clearing cookies and other crap (which can be a potential security threat). AVG Free is good as well. Be careful with Facebook and using those apps that is ascociated with it (games, quizzes) that sort of thing, because Facebook will pretty much give out that information when you start using those apps.

I like being spied on, along with the slight turn on, I also like the targeted advertising.


I include the keywords ‘Budget Brothel Melbourne’ and ‘Half-price Prostitutes’ in anything that leaves my gmail outbox.

My targeted ads are very useful.

In what sense? For me the ‘joke’ would tire pretty quickly, especially when your partner notices strange pop-up ads…

Mrs Palmer?

Who lets their partner near their email?

I don’t have a partner, hence the reason I am interested in Melbourne’s least-expensive brothels.

Also, more relevant to your initial post, I do a lot of surfing through a proxy. Quite handy if your workplace has any restrictions in place.

Proxy4Free is a good place to find them.

That’s what I’m talking about, thanks. I shall investigate.

There’s a similar thing if you’re into torrents as well.

And what if I was? :smiley:

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