I'm riding from Canada to Mexico

Just thought I’d let the #foamafia know. I’ll be hugging the west coast most of the way.
I’ll post more when I’m not waiting for take off on a plane. Picture of my bike are on my flickr (#lordayplease) which there is a link to on my gram.
Can’t figure out how imbed pictures on my phone at the moment.

fuck. yes.

This came out of nowhere.

Stay safe mate - good luck and enjoy the adventure :slight_smile:

this +1

and enjoy, totes jelly!

fuck, the more I think about this, the more insanely jealous I am!

is there anything you’re definitely stopping for? need any help/tips with cool shit?


Man, I’m gonna be in LA/SF in mid-June. Will keep eye out for your progress and wave if you go past me.


Saw the pic of your bike on the 'gram. What a blast it’ll be!

I’m sure the coast will be amazeballs, and I’m not suggesting you change, but have you thought about riding the Sierra/Cascades? I’ve ridden the Washington bit plus the Washington Parks route and it was ace. I reckon the further South you go on that route though, the dryer and more monotonous it gets (not that there’s anything wrong with monotonous remote mountains on a bike tour; they’re actually really good for your soul). Oregon Coast would be pretty speccy though.

so. fucking. beautiful.

^the caption for this one was “DAMMIT OREGON. so pretty”

sorry, just excited.

yeh this looks great, pics on forum when you can for those who don’t have the gram etc.

but if i see a #natureismetal hashtag i will be alerting the relevant authorities.


Cool, it’s a well travelled route, I’ve done the first half (Van-SF), plenty of speccy scenery, towns/campsites/support is never far away and you’ll easily meet other people to ride with for a day or a week at a time. Prevailing northerlies too!

state parks are great for hiker-bikers, I presume you have maps (ACA set are pretty useful) already.

watch out for dogs in mexico :wink:

Saw the bike on flickr and it’s got a lot of personality. The things you can do with a cross check!

Have a ball bro! Should be awesome!!!

Major cities which I’ve been told are ‘musts’ (Seattle, Portland, San Fransico, Santa Cruz and San Deigo)
I’m assuming cool shit will just appear.

I’ll be further south by then, and maybe even on my way home.

I have no maps, should I? Literally just planning on stopping where and when I feel like, playing it by ear/street signs.

Currently I’m in Whistler visiting a mate.
The ride from Vancouver to Whistler wasn’t the greatest, 5-8 degrees and raining (I even got snowed on at one point). Cracked at Squamish (which is a pit) and stayed the night there. Everything is uphill from there to Whistler.

Lone Pine cider is causing some headaches.


Following signs will normally send you the car way, which means high traffic, direct, less nice. The route from van to Seattle is signed as a bike route to some degree.

If you hadn’t sprung the trip on us I could have mailed you some maps. ACA might offer them as garmin routes now? And there’s probably gpx files that others have uploaded from their travels.

The maps detail campsites, towns, points of interest etc quite well, along with detailed routing to keep you on the good roads.

Stealth camping on such a well traveled route is hardly worth it when you can camp in state parks in OR and CA for a pittance at the hiker biker sites.