Is this Craig C?

haha… spatchcock… wasnt that in a simpsons episode?

i thought craigs list… then read the article.

i rekon viral for aussie Craigs list

if not, it should be.

It not be me. Mainly because I hate everyone, fixie fags, artists (especially graphic artists), engineers, designers (there all cunts), beer you have to buy, people who talk about their dogs, whores who charge to much, old people, christians and uni students especially uni students. Also I like kites & cheese - especially kites made out of cheese and vice versa. The only person I do like is Des (he’s my obsession) and Horatio in a skinsuit (mmmm chicken)


graphic designers are cunts

i like des too. perhaps we should make posters and put them up around rapidly gentrifying areas of the city and people would think we were all quirky and cute.

Whats wrong with Graphic Designers?

Whats the problem with cheese, I like it.

[quote="brendan "]

i like des too. [/quote]

Yeah, but everyone likes Des. That’s like saying ‘I like breathing too’.

whats not wrong with Graphic Designers?

worse than Architects

I think I might get some crackers and go to the moon.

I like cheese.

You can toss a bag of design engineers on that campfire too.

Burn baby burn

Graphic Designers worse than Architects… You fkn kidding me? Architects are the WORST type out of all the creatives! Boo Hiss Boo!

you forget

“Interior Architects”

dang, I like cheese, and I have an impressive quiver of kites.

what kinda kites?

Swallow tailed?

Ahahaha, that reminds me, I once made the mistake of calling an interior designer an interior decorator. Bad move.

‘Post Modern Art Fag Industrial Designers’ are pretty bad too… i sit in a class surrounded about them… dont push me… cause im close to the… edggggge…

dont even get me started on those cunts.