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Jaffles - so hot right now

Ha… they’ve always been hot. Those pics don’t compare to the ones I’ve seen on Instagram.

Nothing is as bittersweet as burnt mouth from a melted sandwich cheese.

And I’ll throw my hat at the title of Master … been making Breville™ (use the correct word kids) snack sandwiches longer than most of you have been alive. So there …

i always think of the ones my mum used to make filled with all sorts of asian meats when i was kid, minces, stir fries, roast porks, roast ducks etc.

true asian fusion right there!

winner right here !!

I made banana and nutella Brevilles™recently. They are good.

Spirito - you are the OG hipster.

Banana, peanut butter and honey are great pre-ride, energy snacks. Throw in some bacon and you have the ‘Elvis’ version.

Is there nothing this man cannot do?

Vegemite and cheese is still the best jaffle in my book

Almost any meal can be enhanced in jaffle form

baked beans and bread… old reliable.

The laundry (apparently) … and keep my mouth shut, relent the control of the remote control, and remember to buy milk and not talk about myself and …

the list never ends (or so i’m told) :wink:

No … just had a working mum and I had a big appetite so the Breville saved me a lot of hunger pains :wink:

I think someone should start a poll for the best Breville™ fillings.

My vote is cheese, tomato and onion.
Only some of Brakefree’s wonderful truffles shaved through the butter and on the inside melting with the cheese could improve on that imo. Then again I haven’t tried it with truffle … so can’t say for sure (+ don’t have a Breville™).

Maybe this needs a FoA Mafia cook off/tasting day?

… but Jase’s mum’s with Asian meats sounds pretty hard to beat to be honest. How do you beat an Asian mum home cooked + Breville™ sandwich combo?

If it doesn’t fit between two pieces of bread, it isn’t worth eating.

It is amazing, just good cheese and thin slices of the black stuff


wihtout any doubt … just angling for some freebie/sympathy truffle <grin>

I’m quite partial to the slice bbq’d sausage, tomato sauce and cheese

Or left over spag bol and cheddar

My kids are obsessed by the classic ham & cheese brevillle

You’re kids have excellent taste. in fact if the ham is good and the cheese is Gruyere that’d be one very hard to beat combo as well, hhmmmm-mmmmm !!!

If you are a good boy and eat all your vegetables