Looking for some stickers..

So I’m looking at covering my entire frame with an assortment of stickers. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find many that are both (a) Australia and (b) incredibly awesome. Anyone willing to share links to any sites or shops that have decent stickers? Or is anybody willing to part with a few that don’t wish to use?

They can be ridiculous stickers. I just bought one with Frankenstein wearing 3D glasses. The weirder they are the better.

Haha I wanted this aswell, there was a guy on this forum selling a shit tonne for like $35 if i remember.
Some great ones which i like personally are KRINK stickers, they are fairly cheap. Nothing weird though, chrome writing does look mad.

Might not be for you though?
Are you after bike brands or just random stickers?

here ya go


not particularly ridiculous though.

“PHANTOM” FIXIE - eBay Road Bikes, Bikes, Cycling, Sport. (end time 08-Jun-10 11:03:16 AEST)

Not stickers but quite interesting =O

There was a spiderman one like this before, very tempting and looks pretty awesome imo. Probably not in anyone elses though.
You should give it a shot and blog how you did it Jane, it would help me, and maybe some others. (problem is my new bike doesn’t have lugs so I wouldn’t know here to cut off the edges :\ )

Random stickers more so than bike brands I’d say. Although the KRINK ones have style :slight_smile:

This method could perhaps be even better than my original plan. It would be easier to find images that aren’t necessarily stickers. I think I will have to blog how I go about this because like LukeR said, it could help others make their frames pretty unique.

Anyone got any images of sticker-covered frames by the way? Perhaps some references might help me plan my own. I saw a woman’s bike at the Roubaix which was plastered with really artistic stickers but I didn’t think to ask where she got them from (perhaps envy got in the way).


i bought this off ebay bout a month ago already stickered


10 characters.

it’s just the ebay picture, came without pedals, it lives at my work(the reason i bought it) so didnt bring it home which means no pictures with pedals have been taken, as side note it does have a sticker along the left chainstay that says "one f***ing gear, with another sticker placed over the **** part as self censorship

I have spare knog stickers for you babyjane.

I like to put beer labels on my bikes. Some are pretty good quality so they peel off the bottle easily and re-stick on to the bike quite well.

need to find an expo of some sort, the vendors usually have a shedload of em

Sent you a PM about some BnC stickers if ya want 'em.

pm me, i might be able to help

MASH sell some pretty cool stickers. Their histogram ones are pretty mad.

yeh but i dont think paying 30 dollars postage is really worth some stickers
you should go to the newsagents and buy one of these

I don’t think it is 30 dollars to ship the Mash stickers to Aus… check out said 3 dollars US. Correct me if I’m wrong; was there fine print I didn’t read?