Lube Technique

This might sound super trivial. But is there a good technique to apply lube on the chain?

I use White Lighting wax lube, and I always seem to drip it on my cranks and rims, pretty much everywhere but the chain. Which is really annoying when you just wiped down your bike the night before.

And am I suppose to lube the entire length of the chain? or does it just even out after you start riding? It seems to dry pretty quick.

White lightning is shit. Throw it away, buy a decent degreaser and thoroughly clean all the white lightning spooge off your chain. Then go and buy some prolink. Drip a drop on each roller as you go around the chain and gently wipe off any excess when you’re done. Do this every week or so. No need to flood your chain with it.

Consider using something other than WL - non-wax better IMO.

Whatever you use, use it sparingly. Anything not on the rollers/pins isn’t lubricating.

Evening job. Run your chain round 'til the joiner link is just in front of the sprocket, use this as your start/finish point, one smallish drop on each roller along the bottom run, roll the d/line forward with a fix on the last lubed link; repeat until done. Spin gently for a bit, wipe off any excess and leave 'til next day to let the carrier evaporate off.

Lube at least weekly depending on riding conditions. Remove the chain and clean thoroughly whenever any build up.

Sheldon also discusses chain maintenance at length:

Every week? I just wait until it starts squeaking… :wink:

I like dry lubes, and have used Finish Line Krytech for over 5 years. That’s the best I’ve used, but I’m happy to try other stuff - Prolink looks like a good choice.

yep Prolink is good

Pro Link :slight_smile:

I use spray on Lanolin. It’s very light when sprayed on so you can spray onto the cog from the outside while spinning the wheel and it wicks into the chain. Then wipe the outside of the chain and allow the carrier to evaporate, leaving wool grease inside the chain that doesn’t fling out.

On my motorbike I use Bel Ray chain lube but it’s a real bitch to get off so you shouldn’t use it if you clean your chain.

dip your chain in a 4L container of castrol magnatec

Controversial thread! IMHO: clean with WD-40. (Theory: degreaser strips all the good lube in the rollers where it’s really needed.) Toothbrush off all the crud and wipe it clean. Then apply your chosen lube on the inside of the chain - be liberal - you want it inside the rollers 'cause that’s where the wear takes place, then roll the drivetrain around a few times to let it work into all the nooks and crannies. Then spin the cranks hard a few times as this will flick off the excess lube - wipe off the excess - enjoy!

Woo. lots to learn. Might switch lubes after i finish my tiny bottle.
Seems like there is a general consensus that pro-link is the way to go.

yeah i remeber when i picked up some lube from my LBS, the guy told me that road bikes i.e. Fixies can have fairly dry chains as they dont get too much build up in them like an offroad bike. He told me to spin the crank and drop about 20 drops on the chain while its rotating then clean off the excess with a rag. So far it seems to have done the job

p.s. Stefan I still need to come over for those clamps. Just been too busy with the Christmas deadlines.

always wonder, do you guys apply pro-link after the rain? although you already have applied some the day before?

i always give it a wipe down and some more lube after the rain. sometimes i even clean my chain.


WD40, i believe, would cause the lube to not stick to the chain properly (though i’m getting this from what i’ve been taught, by experienced skaters, on cleaning and lubing skateboard bearings). I think turpentine would remove the old grease better.
Any smarter people feel free to correct me, its been a while since i’ve lubed my bearings.

Turps is very strong for cleaning and is probably the best for cleaning a chain followed closely by metho. Both are good, especially for my Mt. Bike as they just get the dirt right out of the drive train and sprockets etc.

as for lube, i personally preffer (as far as a dry lube is concerned) Rock 'N Roll lube. very nice stuff. the biggest thing as already stated is to apply to the inside of the chain just behind, if your on a geared bike the rear deraileur or behind the rear sprocket on a SS or fixed.

Methylated spirits is not a solvent, it’s an alcohol.

And mineral turpentine is a paint thinner.

Use kerosene / degreaser / simple green for cleaning.

I usually take off the chain, stick it in an old coke bottle with some kero, shake the crap out of it (literally, you should see the gunk that come off the chain), let it sit for a bit to soak, do the same again, then pour the excess kero back into the original container (trying not to get the gunk into there) and cut of the coke bottle to get the chain out… I then wipe the chain over to try and get all the excess kero off.

I clean the chainring and sprocket while the chain is off. I put the chain back on an use Tri-Flow to lube it up. Sometimes I’ll need to lube it up, ride it for a few days, then apply more lube.

^ I have some orange cleanser stuff I bought at my LBS…would that work well too?
Is it less harsh than turps, metho etc?