Melbs guest rider...road or fixed?

Going to be in Melbs this weekend with missus and kids for sat night high jinx. She who must be obeyed says"why don’t you take a bike?’ Geez, i didn’t know i had that many brownie points up my sleeve.
So, road or fixed?

Is cbd to 1 in 20 and back doable in an arvo? Thinking roadie here.

Or anyone up for semi organised fixed ride, possibly including a beer or 6 at 99 probs?
Other suggestions?

Sat: 730am Fed Sq, OG fixed ride, which contains almost no fixed gear bicycles.

If you’re still here Sunday:
Beach Rd:

> 70k round trip…how fast are you?

I was thinking about heading out to the 1 in 20 Saturday morning, would like to reschedule and head out with you, but I think I’m tied up in the afternoon.

Lyndon let me know if you end up heading towards dandenongs on saturday morning, i’d be up for a roll (probably on the roadie).

If you have a Cycling Australia license, there are some crits on at a good, fast and safe circuit just north of Melbourne on Saturday morning. A few crew from here will be racing and cheering across the various grades.

Have done cbd to Olinda (up the 1 in 20) back down the other side and to the cbd again in an afternoon fixed a couple of times, some of the hills are quite challenging on the way back.

I’m heading to St Andrews then healsville on sat if you’re keen-roadie

Gravel grinders sounds interesting? roadie/crabon/tight clearances safe? I don’t mind a bit of dirt. Or perhaps i’ll bring Ken steel roadie. I’m not a beach road or criterium type. I like rolling through the Adelaide Hills for a couple of hours.

Pin20/green machine, what time? This seems similar in grade, but longer.
Old Freeway to Mt. Lofty Hill Climb | South Australia, Australia
low-mid 40’s for me usually. I don’t run a bike computer.

I’ll be rolling out around 9 i imagine, but flexible give or take an hour, would prefer earlier if anything. But I’ll be staying out in healsville so you could either bump it to the train around there or ride back solo…

So early you probably wouldn’t have heard of it. :wink:

Ken steel with 28s if you can will be much better, there’s some clayey rocky outcrop potholed sections that will be 23mm unfriendly. Then a whole lot of gravel road. Start and midpoint are tarmac.

Here’s some photos: Melbourne Gravel Grinders #4 - Williamstown - Toolern Vale return - a set on Flickr
none of the dirt road though, we were too busy chewing bartape the way out and getting rad on the way back.

Got in late. I bought the old workhorse Look KX rolling on 25’s . Head out to 1 in 20 tomorrow morn after civilized breakfast in st. Kilda. Look out and say hey, carbon black on black look with kysriums and record. Wearing team o’grady baby blue kit…big ringing it up the 1 in 20! See you Sunday blakey. How long from CBD to start…riding?

See discussion here, PM some of the people that are riding out:

This isn’t the best way, but it’s a way:
Federation Square to Williamstown Tourist Information Centre - Google Maps

There’s a bike path, but I forget the details.

That’s the standard route for weekend warriors rolling down to Williamstown for coffee. Bike lanes most of the way and pleeenty of other bikes around so it’s nice and safe. In fact, that’s probably the way I’ll take. Except jump on The Strand when you’re approaching Willy, it’s nicer.

Also, SUNSCREEN! A lot of the course is exposed to the sun and it’s looking like a pearler of a day tomorrow so lather up!

EDIT: Hurr, this should be in MGG thread?

How did you go on the 1 in 20?

I had a blast, can’t wait to get out there again, but $3.60 for a coffee!? Talk about exploiting caffeine addicted cyclists…

at the last Cx race at lysterfield it was $4 from the coffee van, and THERE WAS NO SOY MILK!

Sheeeeet. Didn’t get there in the end. Got in a quick roll to Malvern East and a Beach road run but time/crook children AND missus, etc transpired to not allow me enough free time.
Had a great ride outta Ballarat heading north following a local group on way back (wed) . Friendly bunch out that way.
I woulda thought all you Melbs (roadie) crew would be heading into the Dandenongs every chance you get?

Blakey, Sunday Flickr shots looked awesome fun. rough roads for sure.

Last time the Ken was out was on similar roads around bottom of Yorke peninsula.
Spewin’ i missed it. But, I now have a free pass for a weekend of riding…

What’s a roadie?