Mess around 8th inch- Idea's

Thanks for the help, idea’s are complete.


Perhaps attack it with ‘celeste’ spray cans.
OR EVEN BETTER, put a can of spray near the frame, and shoot it from a distance with a nail gun, and see what happens.
Then your bike will be totally unique, but more so than everyone else’s.

I was thinking that, but havent seen celeste colour bikes apart from bianchi’s.
Maybe celeste but not the whole thing.
Need ideas,
(if your just reading this please put any input in)

Pinstriping? Or maybe use some glow in the dark paint and do splatters around the whole frame. Then wait till its dark.

hahah check outthis

I reckon you should ride more and accessorise less.

great input! Thanks so much, really helping me out here

i’d also back up HMC’s insight.

you’re asking about customising your bike with someone else’s ideas…and what others might think of what colors you’re choosing.

All You Haters (Suck My Balls)

take a teaspoon of concrete and worry less about what ppl think.

If you still want style tips, make this your bible.


Fixed that for you.

Girl - “hey, i like your bike, nice blue wheel”
Guy - “it’s not blue, it’s celeste, and the spokes were going to be white, but they’re black, and that plastic front wheel cost more than the rest of this bike put together! It’s the front wheel you should be impressed by!”
Girl - “good luck with that”

Thanks for your idea’s.

Thanks for that

If your going to input worthless crap, make your own thread and do it there.

Fixed that for you.

hey LukeR,
You were asking for advice on a public forum. I just suggested maybe it doesn’t matter what colour the frame or the spokes are, as much as you seem to think. If i have got it wrong, i apologise.
And in future, please don’t PM me aggressive replies.

It wasn’t aggressive… Just stating how you don’t know me?

And thanks for a spelling correction Blakey, I’m sure everyone can’t make any sense of that sentence. Check your visitor messages.
And also, “Blakey” I’ll amend my original comment? Okay, amend it? Do you understand what that even means?

spelling nazi (i.e. Blakey)

a person who freaks out when a little spelling mistake has occured or has be a constant little asshole about it.
person a: here’s my thesis for the pythagoream theorem


I’ll amend my original comment.

Post less. Ride more. Stop being a whiny little douche.


Did my post not make any sense to you?

Can some decent mods please clean this thread up… thanks

decoupage the shit out of it.
How To: Decoupage Your CeilingMr. Peacock DIY | Apartment Therapy San Francisco

You mean like no gaps? Just pile ontop of each other?
Sounds like a good idea, might do it with some other animals.
You think Spray adhesive then top off with layers and layers of clear coats?

Hi Luke

I think what the overwhelming response to this thread shows, is that the majority of users really aren’t interested in helping you “customise” your bicycle, irrespective of how “into art” you are, and maybe more people would be interested in hearing reports from interesting rides and adventures with you bike.

Whilst I’m also relatively new to this forum, my understanding of it is as an online community interested in organising events, sharing constructive bike related knowledge, and insightful comment that interest people in other areas. Lots of people seem to be rather attached to this forum, you only need to look at the overwhelming responses here to see that. It might be worthwhile asking yourself before each post, “how am I contributing to the forum with this post?” And if you can’t come up with a reasonable answer, it may be better to not post it.

But if that doesn’t make much sense, you could always cover it in contact as per the video. If you really want an original idea to show your personality through your bicycle’s “colourway”, you’re more than welcome to cover it with the brown and lime green linoleum i recently ripped up from my kitchen floor.