my new build

perkins track frame and forks
sugino mighty cranks 48t mighty comp chain ring, shamano BB
mks royal unique pedals mks cages and toshi singles
nitto jaguar post and san marco royal ti seat
phil wood high flange 32’s swiss dt rims and dt spokes
random stem that my mate lent me and nitto flat bars with shadow conspiracy grips
sugino mash cog set 18t and a campy lock ring
ultegra brake and pauls e lever
campy head set
56cm top tube, 52 seat tube

waiting on a campy crank set, nitto crystal fellow stem and gota spin the sugino super lap BB out of my other frame and fit it to this one…

Did you get a warning with that frame?

Reynolds 853 :cry:

You probs couldn’t find a worser option for riding on the streeeeeeet!!!

when did bike building become a race?

Glad to see you didn’t try and drill out the fork crown. That’s a really nice frame. That the one Hillary was selling?

why cause its quite stiff… i have noticed the firmer ride already but that kinda comes with riding a track frame on the street… i tend to ride around pot holes and that kinda thing on the road… i really like the lively feel it has…!

i was racing to get it out for a ride… pretty much pulled the parts off my other bike, cleaned and re-greased every thing and bolted it on…
i’m having a way easier time skidding the longer frame so the brake might not last long

just got a set on bontrager race lite tires from my mate for a steal

Yeah just watch 853 dude. The stuff is coke can thick. Very light and yes stiff. Doesn’t hold very well to even minnimal abuse from hitting tiny bumps. Thats why track cyclists sold these things every season or two. Looks sweet, but its just a heads up. I personally wouldn’t take 853 anywhere near the street.

yea it’s the one she sold… and no way would i drill the forks…

you know Stephen Pate’ went to jail for bashing his wife…

tiz a frame with history…

I say bollocks.

I have an 853 cross bike and I had an 853 roadie. NDF built that road frame as a fixed without any problems (other than the strange geometry). My cross bike gets as much punishment as I can give it.

853 is commonly used for mountain bikes and cross bikes.

Don’t believe the hype.

He could also ride very very fast.

Do you need a 165mm record crankset?


Amazing frame and amazing tubeset.

Could be interested in some 165 campys pm me a few pics and a price

And yes the old wife beater was a very fast rider I saw that video where he has a huge a
Crash and borrows a bike and thrashs every one in the last heat to win the rider of the year title

I really like the frame I can’T wait for my new stem, should turn up today


Fast build indeed!! I asked if it had arrived yet and he already had it built and taken for a ride to the pub!!!

And I also disagree that this bike is not good for the street, as far as I’m led to believe this frame was built for Pate to ride on the street. Track training on the road.

Spud, do you know what Turbos’ Pate/Perkins yellow road frame is built from?? Same tubing??

This bike and parts is fancy pants, and like I said looks even better in the flesh than in pics.

Just bought a Paconi road bike, very early 90’s, same 853 tubes, never heard of any dramas, although stiff as! Nice build-up.

The one that shifter just built up? SS?

Personally i have never ridden 853. My opinion on 853 is from freinds who have personally ridden on it. From their experiences it was only ever good on the track and not the road. Its good stiff stuff yes. Its very light. but i am just very iffy bout how it would go on the road with everyday bumps and the like. Still a beautiful build i can’t take that from it :slight_smile:

Got some more fancy parts today… Nitto crystal fellow stem ( NOS ) and some 80’s campy cranks… Gota get small cages tomorrow and more micro gearing… (42/16)

Sweet will bang up some more pics tomorrow

thanks Hillary for the super nice frame the geo suites me way better than my last bike and the sexy parts i brought now have a good home…

i’m a very happy camper…

Maybe your friends had crap bikes? It’s not just hte tubeset that matters. It’s the method and quality of construction. I could probably make a really shit bike with a nice tubeset.

Consider that many reputable brands have and still use 853 for cyclocross, cross country and road frames…and…quite often it’s not the whole frame - it might be the main triangle or the only two of the main tubes, so it becomes difficult to say that tubeset ‘x’ is good or bad.

Don’t blame the tubes man! It’s not their fault.

Have a look at a Columbus EL frame - you can usually squeeze the top tube with your thumb and forefinger :slight_smile:

Don’t forget that tubesets come in different wall thicknesses/butts too.

An “853” bike can be many things, and as snowflake says, it’s probably only the main tubes, with 725 (TIG weldable heat treated Cr-Mo) stays. The builder selects different alloys/sizes/thickness/shaped tubes depending on the rider and application.

For example, the round 853 tubes come in five different ODs, and within that there’s different wall thicknesses and butting profiles. A 28.6mm tube can have .65/.45/.65, .75/.45./75, .8/.5/.8, .8/.4/.6, .7/.5, .8/.6/1.05 (ext bulge), .9/.6/1.2 (ext bulge) walls, and I won’t list the butt profiles available too.

Of course whilst I wouldn’t thrash a Columbus Record track frame on the street, (old lower strength alloy with 0.5mm straight gauge tubing), if this frame was built for training on the road, then it’s likely built a sturdier than an all out 853 track racing frame and will be fine.