new build - cranks, chainrings and painting

Hi all,

Just starting my first build. Picked up a frame from bicycle recycle in moorabin and some velocity deep v’s yesterday.

I’m investigating crank sets - was going to purchase sugino’s from harris cyclery but would prefer to go local. I noticed the ones on the abbotsford cycles website (under single speed) are reasonable price. I’ve already bought a UN26 bottom bracket. Am I to assume from the fact that they sell the un26 bottom bracket on the same page that this will achieve a straight chain line, or will i have to fiddle with things at the rear wheel.

If I go for sugino RD or 75s or whatever, it seems i would need to get a different bottom bracket (103mm) to suit and get a 42mm chain line.

Also, the chainrings on the abbotsford website are 110bcd. Any problems with getting suitable chainrings with that spec?

Finally, what’s the best way to strip the frame. Abbrasive sanding etc, or with a paint stripper? If I go the powdercoating route, can you achieve a gloss finish or is powdercoating just matte?

Thanks for any advice offered. Will post pics when build is done.

Just thinking about this further, deep v are a track wheel essentially yes? Requiring a crank and bottom bracket to give 42mm chainline, and the guys at abbotsford cycles should be able to tell me if that crank and bottom bracket will achieve this…

Yeah you would think so but they fucked it up on me when I first went in there young and naive and not knowing what BB size I needed.

Deep Vs are rims and can be laced to road or track hubs to create a road or track wheel. Which do you have?

Sorry, should have said. Just a velocity flip-flop on the back.

Abbotsford are out of 110 bcd cranks on friday when i checked. For 110 bcd cranks and chainrings try Human Powered Cycles.

So here is the frame:

and here:

and here:

I can’t find any branding on it. I’m sure its a crappy frame as far as old frames go but that doesn’t worry me for a first build. All the other parts will be transferrable.

Any issues that anyone can see with this frame? In the firstphoto, can I cut off the bit between the stays, or is that structural?

Can get frame powdercoated in warrnambool for 100 inc sandblast. What is the best way of dealing with the chromed parts? tape them up while being sprayed and then attempt to polish it up?

Thinking of getting cranks, bb and headset from alienbikes: - anyone had any experience with them?


photos don’t work.

Moved them to cycle bucket as you wrote.

Frame is going in for powdercoating tomorrow. Stripped frame brack to check for rust etc. which was probably unnecessary, but wanted to see if i could find any clues to vintage. None that i could see.

Forks are all chrome underneath the paint. Thinking of just leaving it that way. Will it look stupid? I can’t remember if i’ve seen any other builds with diff coloured forks.

More to come.

Chrome forks, should look fine, plenty of people have done it, I’ve done it if you want a little preview of what it may look like.,7202.0.html

Nothing wrong with a bit of chrome =D

Nothing wrong with all chrome forks…

That’s essentially what I hope mine will look like. Dropped the frame off this morning for powdercoating - red - will take 7 days. All the parts bar the seat will be silver, have ordered alien cranks this morning. Will polish up the forks in the interim.

Can’t wait to build it.

So here is how it looks now:

red tyres to match the colour scheme

and got the cranks from alien:

Only parts I need now are headset, stem, seat post and clamp, and drop bars. If anyone has any second hand stuff I can canibalise or buy, let me know

So I tried to start building last weekend, but bottom brackets didn’t fit - I assumed english thread bb but just slid straight through :x. Seems more than just stuffed threads so I’ve located an Italian bottom bracket which will arrive this weekend and will see how that goes.

The bb threads seem ok, def. not great though. Various places suggest loctite or teflon tape - any opinions on which is better. Some suggest that teflon tape can seize up while installing the BB. I hope it works otherwise, I will just junk the frame and start all over again with all the other parts I’ve accumulated. :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise, it seems that I will look pretty good, excepting that I failed to consider 700c wheels on a 27" frame and there’s quite a lot of clearance. I’ve ordered a tektro r556 brake for the front (65mm reach needed) and will probably have to run brakless at the rear till I can find another brake that will reach.

ewww take those discusting things (stickers) off the wheels… :stuck_out_tongue:
looks great!

I sort of like the decals :-D. That must be a noob thing

fair enough…your bike…your discusting decals.
if you havent already ordered that back brake already try just running it with a front brake. you dont really need a rear break (or even a front one) when riding fixed.

I will take the criticism on board, build it up first and then decide whether to ditch the disgusting decals or not. :slight_smile:

I’ve bought a tektro r556 which has enough reach for the front forks so will just run that one one the front for now. Not sure if I’ll run it primarily fixed or ss at the moment.

Decided to build it primarily for training rather than commuting because I’m in Warrnambool and everything is close so have no need for a commuter except for riding 1.5km to the pub :smiley: Also cos fixies look great.

Leave them on, take them off (brakes and decals)… its all up to you! The only thing that will make you a douche is listening to people imparting their lame subjective judgement.

How are you progressing with the BB issue? Did Italian threading sort it out?