post a pic of you and your latest purchase v2.

Not sure, also buy a whole salmon from one of the farms on the canals.

Nice! Will fly to Christchurch end of October and ride to Queenstown for about 2 weeks. Can’t wait!

Queenstown (NZ) is such a cool town.

Wanaka > Queenstown

my 2c

EDIT: Mind you I haven’t been to either in 8 years. :o

I prefer wanaka too. Jumping into the Clyde in summer is rad. They have I think the two most expensive supermarkets in NZ.

I don’t do snow sports so there is that.

new stem, #foabitchez

^ Pity about the scratch…

matches the rest of the build perfectly, then. :slight_smile:

My folks took their XR8 to NZ a few years back with a local car club & had a display at the Wanaka air show.
They said is was rad …

The scratch that sort of looks like a senile persons signature? Yeah, agreed.

Will check if its doable to ride over Wanaka. Havent really figured out the route yet but we have 11 days to get from Christchurch to Queenstown where we’ll spend 3 days before taking a flight back home.

If you’ve only got 3 days I’d stick to Q-town, won’t be warm enough for swimming anyway.

but there is this road from Qtown to Wanaka:


The road on the other side of Homer Tunnel is baller too. There’s a vid of Jenna Magkill riding through the tunnel on her nob rakes sw8 fixxay too. A pretty crazy thing to do if you ask me - the video fails to show the fact that the tunnel is decent downhill gradient and that the road surface is farked and running with streams of water. Class act.

^ cool vid, but those keas send a shiver up my spine- the amount of times I’ve come back to a car minus every piece of rubber is ridiculous.

Anyways onto new stuff- for the “holy shit, when is this hill ever going to top out”


and same part for the full Freddly woo-hoo “I hope this hill never runs out”


I fly out tomorrow morning for two weeks, I’ll tease you on the gram no dought

Hometown Represent!

I’m sure it’s been posted before, but the cycling tips guys were over there a little while back…
From where you’d rather be: New Zealand | CyclingTips

They’re wicked huh.

Only thing to bare in mind is just how maintenance heavy those units are. A mechanic I spoke with recommended a service every 6 months. I think that if you get 15-20 hours of riding in you’re doing well. Mine didn’t need a bleed but it did need a full seal kit after about this long; if you leave it any longer you risk stuffing the internals, which are damn pricey to replace.

Yeah it’s surprising the difference a dropper makes. I’ve only held out this long because I don’t want to have to put one on every bike, but only ridden in anger this morning and quite a few PB sections on a trail where I felt like I was all over the shop and spending most my time thinking about “is my seat to low, raise it a bit , shit, to far, oops now to low, bugger I was right the first time, fark, now theres’s that climb”.

I did a heap of reading on the Reverbs and they all mention exactly what you have up there^. I was holding out for a Lev but this turned up that cheap it was too hard to resist (ol mate had it under “A Rock Shock” on the 'bay + PayPal had a 20% discount offer running) he sent me the receipt with the post which he only purchased April. I’m hoping they have addressed most if the issues on the previous incarnations, but I guess I’m going to get pretty good at bleeding these things.

Hope you enjoy your trip to Christchurch and Queenstown!