Post a pic of your track rig.

Praise be to FOA overlords for the new Track section. May we honour them with gear inches.

To qualify to post here, your bike must have been ridden on the track and be in track-legal configuration in the picture you post.
You can post comments on other people’s photos without posting a photo yourself. Much like track racing, discussion is encouraged.

Bonus points if you’re riding it in the pic.

Here’s my Dolan DF3 when I used to race indoors in Sydney.

Here’s a recent one from the outdoor track in Brisbane- Credit to ESI Sports for this pic.

It differs now having 35cm Scatto’s and speedplays with straps.

Show us your track bike!

Post a pic of your soul crushing calves is that way mate ----->


Says the man with quads big enough to embarrass a powerlifter

Nice bike Rhys.

Here’s my contribution. No calves sorry. The Eric Hendren came from Dubrat, via the track at Nerang I think. I’m planning to get it repainted eventually, once I sort the replacement decals out.

The Kuwahara I’ve posted here before. It was my street fixie a while with risers etc, but the last few months I’ve had it back at the track.

Yes! The green Kuwahara has been a favourite of mine since I first saw it. A beautifully proportioned bicycle.

yep, both those steelies are winners etomato!

shit photo, but here’s my track bike shortly after i got the shamals for my 30th.

knee still isn’t up to racing, but i’ll get back to it one day…

This is my Boardman TK20, stock apart from the tyres and bar tape. Planning some wheels in the future but I’ve just booked a month overseas so probably won’t be 'till after the trip.

And on track pic.

have had two srs bsnss track bikes, can’t find pics of me riding any of them.
there’s also the #phurofantom, which did one night at DISC, but i’m yet to take pics of.

The Europa/Pateriot as it lived most of it’s life:

Blundy freshly built:

Blundy with new cranks:

My Planet X.

Better pic when I get genuine Zipp decals for my rear Zipp disc.

Is that you out the back?

My Planet X

Better pics when I get genuine decals for the disc.

Hoping to RAW at least once this season after last years debacle.

I’ll give you extra cred for the Turbo saddles.

Bahahahaa. That old guy is actually on a shit hot Kerry Hopkins.

My #teschna Track Pro. Currently talking myself into a new disc purchase so I don’t have to keep raiding the Zipp off the Ken.

And this is the only picture I have of me on it…

Oh man, those shamals are so good.

Putting the canyonaero in here because it was cool and I really miss it. About to close a deal on a stealth df3 though which I’m very excited about. Will post that once I get it and have ridden it on the bundahdome. Good thread people!

Is that Victoria’s Tesch behind the canyon?

Nope, she sold that I think. There are 4 teschners in Canberra, this particular one belongs to an older dude.

Edit: two of the others have scatto’s. They look ace, get some dougie!

My BT Stealth

In action at BBN this summer

My Planet X set up for pursuits

In action Vic State Masters Championships IP 2014