single speed from hard rubbish and spares

Hi all , first time here and love the simplicity of a single speed . I’ve started on a project to build a bike from recycled parts . I don’t want it to look too ’ junk yard ’ but the idea is to see if I have enough parts . I tried to use old 26 inch mountain bike frames but they just don’t give the single speed look .First up was a old bike from hard rubbish called a 'sports world '. I took all of the unsporty bits off ie steel cranks , steel bars , plastic levers , steel rims . Then I made a mock up of what I had from other bikes . Now nothing here is cutting edge or super light weight , but its all for free and some of it is alloy .
First up …get something running and working …then tune it a bit more

Unfortunately…can’t see the image…

Sorry Brian , I’m working on it , darn iPad , I need some help if somebody can offer some advice on getting a picture up

Thanks bigadz …

edited cos mods know what’s up
Thanks mods , any way this is how it is starting off , next is a strip down and a sand up of the frame …

Front brake wouldn’t be a bad idea either, if you’re running single speed. Nice work though man, everyone needs a hard rubbish bike!

Thanks Smorph …front brakes are the best , use with care you can pull up in all conditions , but I’m using rear just to keep the front of the bike uncluttered . This is my 2nd hard rubbish bike , first one I built for a joke and the darn thing kept going and going . I loved that bike and built it because if it got pinched I wouldn’t mind …but I found my self cleaning it and locking it up :slight_smile:

Ok next step is paint , remember it’s all on the cheap , found a spray can that the tradesman at work used for 1 minute then threw it away . I hate waste ( I agree things get old and time to update with new ) and would be a better world again if we would fix rather than throw away . The colour is perfect , old fashion grey , and the type of paint is spot on …bonus , the can 90 %full

Next picture , I’m not keep on pack rack mounts , so they got taken off

I went over the frame , checked for cracks , and gave it a good sand . The coating wasn’t in bad shape , so a light sand and removed the awfull stickers . I left the cable guides on but took off anything the bike didn’t need .

I dig this enthusiasm, this is like 2008 all over again.

Not keep on mudguards either, then?

Darn …hahahahh oh well , I’m not having mudguards either now …

Tonight I checked the paint and it’s harden enough for me to attempt some assembly , The forks are the first thing and I’ve grease up the bearings and use a rubber mallot to hit in the cups . I love this old school method …keeps simple people like me entertained …

Now …when I pull apart the bike …a few days ago I’m pretty sure the big cup was on the bottom and the small one was on the top . I’ll soon find out and drinking is not a good idea while doing this

Gawed … I hope this is right …better take anther sip to calm the nerves …

Love seeing the older Castrol grease tubs. I saw the other day they are now coming in plastic.

Yep , so do I I love some of those old automotive items , think it’s the waxed cardboard , I’ve had this one since 1986 and it was all ready open .It was one of those times when I needed some grease and a famerly member said "Here , keep this one …I have a few at home "

Love the story so far. A drink or two can’t hurt when you’re working on the bike, just don’t get pissed.