T7 2015 Ridley cross bikes are cheap


50, 52 and 54cm available. I reckon for $1000 it’s a good deal for new

Best time to buy a cross bike ready for upcoming spring overnighters

Someone tell Rhys.

That’s a pretty excellent price.


That does look like good buyin, shame cross season is over

hmm…ultimate commuter.

You’ll just paint it black and convert it to single speed and di2.

I have a friend wanting a “cheap” bike. I wish he had $1000 instead of the optimistic $100-$500 he’s thinkin…

ridiculously cheap for that!

That’s a banging deal, Carbon fork, 105, BB7’s, Challenge Grifo’s.

5800 105 even.

56cm just added too.

Just bought one. Look for my Duarte in the FS section soon.

nice! I wish I had the money at the moment.

Just be careful, customs may include the shipping cost ($80) as part of the value which means you’ll go over the $1k threshold for GST and duty.

Aussie website eh.

T7 stock is overseas, so it’s imported (I think) so the 10% does apply. Pretty sure a few guys on here have been stung by it (duggy?)

edit: Here ya go:

Shipments sent outside NZ are sold exclusive of GST and may be subject to import duties and taxes, which may be levied once your shipment reaches your country.

Ooooo. Didn’t know that.

All goods imported by post, sea freight and airfreight (including couriers such as FedEx, UPS etc) with a value up to A$1000 excluding postage/freight and insurance, are duty free and GST free.

not for long. pretty soon everything, even a 10c part from china will be dutiable, plus processing fee.

but as it stands 1000 plus 80 freight will likely trigger the charges, unless t7 are holding stock in their tulla warehouse…? unlikely.

I still think it’s a good buy including duty/tax.

Not great. This might be a strange question, but are the NZ dollar and the AU dollar considered separate and therefore worth different amounts?