The Photography Thread

Man, I think I have as many cameras as bikes.

AE-1 Program
Powershot Pro1
Quite a few EF lenses & FD lenses

Mamiya RB67
Mamiya M645 Pro TL
Olympus XA2 & flash - thanks Blakey
Holga 120GN with 35mm kit for sprocket hole hipster shooting
Holga 120WPC with 35mm kit for double exposing SLR shot B&W
Pentax MG

Epson V500 scanner

LPL C7700 enlarger
Meopta Opemus III enlarger

Mainly shoot B&W film but still eyeing off a 5D Mk III for digital.

Bought one of those 40mm pan cake lenses & used it on the EOS5 while I was away.
Seems pretty good for the money.

Just bought one of these for my girlfriends 18th,

All the reviews I’ve read seem to make it out to be a good starter camera, so I thought it would be a little fun to muck around on.

Has anyone had any experience with these?
Holga Red HL N Lens for Nikon SLR DSLR D3100 D3000 D700 D80 D90 D5100 D7000 LOMO | eBay
Looks like a bit of cheap fun to take some mad indy photos riding down Brunswick street on fixed geared bicycles.
In all seriousness though, I’m a bit worried about constantly changing between lenses.


Sorry, linked off facebook:

My Kit:

Olympus OM2n
28mm 2.8
50mm 1.8

  • a case of others I never use

Olympus XA2

Olympus Trip 35

Hasselblad 500c/m
80mm 2.8 CF

24mm 1.4L
35mm 1.4L
50mm 1.4
135mm 2.0L

Hoping to pick up an EOS1V or EOS3 in the near future. Digital really isn’t my game.

•Nikon D60 with DX 18-55mm lens
•Cannon power shot 10x optical zoom 9mp
•Sony Cyber shot 5mp 3x optical zoom had this since 2003 i take it with me most of the time im out riding.
•2x kodak not sure how old they are but my pop gave them too me when i was 5, 1985 so they would pr date that early late 70’s perhaps
• and the trusty iphone4

Even though we’re only one week into the new year, I’ll be surprised if I see a better photo than this for 2013. Taken at Dunalley in Tassie last week.

Agreed. That shot is amazing.



What’s would you guys recommend for best small digital camera for under $600?

yeah, saw that story on ABC yesterday, pretty harrowing.

as for sub $600 cameras, I can’t fault my canon powershot s95, it was around $450

Hmm, what’s the current hottness in u4/3 bodies with 20mm primes? Spirito/Ezy/Keith?

I dunno what the current hotness is, but I got a Lumix GF3 with 14mm prime for under $400, and they’re even cheaper now. I’m really happy with mine.
Don’t really know what else is out there.

It really depends on how small you are thinking. Are you after a pocketable camera no bigger than a wallet or something smaller than a DSLR?

I am pretty happy with my panasonic dmc-lx3 which can be picked up for a bargain, or even the lx5. After using the GF1 for the last 3 months, the controls on the lx3 aren’t as intuitive though. But the good thing I found was setting up a few custom settings and switching between them, instead of stuffing around with adjusting the settings manually each time.

For the budget you have though, I would pick up something second hand. There as so many good cameras out there now and people are looking at offloading their ‘old’ cameras due to a case of upgradeitis.

Do your research, then hit up ebay!

Well, I’m happy to pay more now and get a newer sensor that’ll be better with less available light rather than using flash.

I’d prefer close to pocketable, within reason. I have an S90 for truly pocketable stuff.

Yes, flash sucks balls.
Alright - here are a couple that I would go for if I was buying new.

FujiFilm X100
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1
Leica M9 :wink:

hot potato

+1 S95/S100 - bought mine to take to Europe last year. Really pleased with it.

Anyone bought an EOS-M yet?

Yup… here is my favourite quote from a review on these:

“There is one thing that’s functional about the retro design - it makes the camera unintimidating. People avoid you when you point a SLR at them. They just think you’re a hipster with a film camera when you point the X100.”

Get the new s110 from canon,
I have the s95 like rolly/larfinboy and its quality and pocketable size can’t be beat!

I admit to coveting this. The price was about double my budget though… ;(