The ultimate winter bike? Firefly

Wow, just wow.

Nice to see them produce something more functional than that wank wet weather bike with flat bars and Di2 they released a while back. It still reeks of dentist though.

Interesting choice of XTR 985 Trail pedal.

ughh, why would you get compact geo on a custom frame?
everything else is sweet as a motherfucker. those welds are porn
thanks for the link btw :stuck_out_tongue:

You are kidding?!?!??

It’s not super compact which looks like a mountain bike, but… It looks fucking ace. And it has fenders, shimano and disks
3 things that don’t interst me at all and I still like it a lot…

I reckon new non compact frames look totally dated these days, I love old bikes with 0 degree top tubes but new frames classic geo… They look dated.
It had many things I don’t have time for but I’d own that bike. Its totally hawt…!

If I was gonna fork out for a Firefly I would certainly not be getting a bike like this. Its as rediculous getting Baum to build you a cargo bike.

if i had outlandish amounts of money i would like something similar to this…

Cos the owner is a 5’ 0" shortarse who couldn’t put his feet on the ground otherwise?

Let’s put this into perspective.
For arguments sake let say this is a $15k bike. Aimed fair and square at someone with a large disposable income.
In 2011 there was 192,000 millionaires in Australia. Not counting the value of their primary residence.
The number of millionaires in the US was 8,400,000
The number of people in the US with a wealth of $5M was 1,060,000.
A massive target market. That is almost half the population of Australia.
To them $15k is miniscule. They drop $10k on a watch to go with the new $5k suit.

Go get 'em Firefly boys I say.


Millionaires all have bad taste, and therefore the Firefly is too classy for them. They would opt for the Pinarello Dogma and Lightweights for winter commuting. But they might chuck a pair of Paris Roubaix tyres on there as a compromise…

You don’t need to be a millionaire to spend 15k on a bike.
Get out on any of the group rides around Sydney and half of the bikes been ridden are 10-15k bikes
You gota remember road cycling is a bit of an old mans game.

Lucky it’s not your bike then dude!

Touched on a sore nerve? Sorry dude. I had forgotten that you’d placed the order with Baum for the bakfeits.

On a serious note. Smiths Gully? PM me.

Do you know how rad a Ti Bakfeits is?

Especially one equipped with Di2 right?!

I try not to judge people but you are one very cool Hippie !!!

Isnt the quote “i didnt set out to make a compact road geometry, i just put the tubes where they needed to go”? Et voila, La Raza.

This cant be top dog in winter bike stakes…needs internal geared hub, of course.

twin aerospokes

what about the jones?

actually they’d look stupid with fenders

dude, that bike already looks stupid.

Shit… Second time this week

It looks completely stupid.

^^ agree with ya both - but it’s more a question of function rather than bike porn…I like his idea of going off-road/all weather with zero suspension.