The 'what you've done to your bike today' thread

Did you have to remove the anodising? Every Cinelli part I’ve polished has really stubborn anodising. Sodium Hydroxide didn’t get it off, I’m always just sanding it off which takes forever. Of course, you might have some trick tools to do this, I only had a hand and some wet & dry sandpaper.

Yeah, the drain cleaner trick took a while and didn’t do as much as it did for the Nitto I did recently. In the end it was 800->1200->2000 grit paper. There are still a couple of spots of ano in the tight bends behind the clamp that I need to hit.

Slow burn, SOTB 2021 is coming.

Matching front to my FiR EA65/BLB sealed bearing track rear. Destined for a black and chrome track frame I picked up a few months ago.

New tyres and have fixed up the dodgey tubeless set up I was running with new tape/valves. Running much larger tyres (29x2.25) but on test ride yesterday they were great.

20200719_104144-01 (1)


Painted some stuff.

From this:

To this:


New bars and grips on this badboy.
Removed the dorkplate greased and bled the brakes.

It’s sick


YES! That looks great. Good times ahead.


Look at that perfect dropper length.

It’s juuuuuust Right.
Maybe a few mm too high… But nothing a thicker pair of socks can’t fix.

TBH mostly I just sit on it fully dropped at the eaglemont pump track with me mates smoking darts and spittin in the dirt

It’s a whole new thing tho. Taking a while to dial every thing in. Never used Shimano triggers before. I reckon I’ve shifted their position at least 10 times. Can’t find the perfect spot for them.


Oh and a tip if any of you buy a bike off bicycles online.

It comes ‘partially’ built.
I basically pulled it apart and put it back together for peace of mind.

Nothing was greased except the bb.
And the calipers were pretty much finger tight.

Also, first time bleeding brakes. That shit is sooo easy and satisfying. Seeing those lil bubbles com up mmmm.

Got a voucher for Wiggle from work and took a gamble on some new tires for the Cinelli. The Conti Ultra Sport 23c were a nightmare to get on/off, especially while on the side of the road. One of the reasons I stopped riding it as much too.

Took a gamble on some 28c Lifeline Commuters. Wasn’t sure what the max clearance was for the forks, and couldn’t really find anything online. I was able to put them on without a lever, and they only just fit. SOTB here we come!

:open_mouth: hope you’ve got stiff wheels!!

a new set of GP5Ks on the Stinner, definitely happier with the black over the gumwalls for this build


What’s that weird colour on the DT and ST?


Ha…very good.

Nothing a rattle can can’t fix.

Yes, very good also pinzo

Picked up some hungry munchers for snacks and stuff. Harry put them on. Yewww adventures await.



Geared up for SOTB. Bar tape to reuse for a third time is in the bag. Chain needs to lose a link or two to go to 14T fixed side. Finally got a home for my Criterium bars. First person to comment on lack of seat wins an eye roll.

dont need a seat when you’re doing bar rooters down collins st.