So as not to derail the Cheap eats thread.

Post about, tease, discuss and troll all things thermomix here.

Original question:

“Has anyone here have a thermomix? Wife is dead set on one.”

FOA gets domesticated

Home loans…thermomixers…what’s next, post your couch?

I’m just waiting for the next hard trash day to get my thermomix.

Home Loans and Thermomix up on FoA… Canberrans living up to their boring reputation.

My mate got one for his wife and swears by it,
Little pricey though

Mums got one. Makes wicked good mash potato.

Not trolling, but so I understand correctly, what you put raw (washed?) potatoes in the machine, and out comes mash?
Sounds pretty sophisticated.

Apparently so. It will chop, cook and then mash your spuds. 2k for Idiot proof cooking I guess.

how do you cook the other shit that you wanna eat with the mash though?

Water, taters, some spices and butter is optional. There’s a recipe book for them, sooo much stuff. Make your own butter, minestrone, bread rolls (SO GOOD), pumpkin soup, jams, etc. Its pretty surprising him much stuff you can make. I think they’re cheaper in Europe if you freight forward them here but no warranty that way.

Wouldn’t buy one for myself but if you’ve got cash to burn, you could spend it on worse stuff. I think one appeal of it is that you know exactly what goes into the food you eat, and its as easy as supermarket preprocessed junk.

Got one in my house, seriously. Crazy expensive but the miss’s insisted and bought it so whatever. It’s frigg’n RAD! I only use it for smoothies, ice cream and grinding coffee but I rock the smoothies hey. Miss’s has made great pizza base dough and some mean muesli from scratch. I’m hanging to to do a corn beef/ Roast chicken in it. They really are the goods hey.


So I could just throw entire un-opened packets of MiGoreng in there and it would come out perfect? sweet, I’m sick of those little sachetes.

Fuck, it’s ugly though.

+1 on pizza dough.
Also, I didn’t make muesli but I did make muesli bars. Used the ‘cocaine bars’ recipe and just did all the processing in the thermomix.
I’m usually skeptical, and like Ezy said it’s easier to justify a $5k bike than a $2k kitchen appliance, but once I saw all it could do i was sold. In one day we made about 7 totally different types of food and drink.

I would post of pic of my couch but it’s being used most of the time. This is usually my perspective …

Btw, I gotz no idea what what a Thermomix is (feel out of touch).

I have been looking into the thermomix lately. I make a lot of food from scratch (#veganlyfe) and seem to spend most of the fucking weekend in the kitchen prepping and cooking. One of the positives of the thermomix is the ability to turn it on, walk away and let it do the hard work for you - or so the ads would have you believe.

I am usually pretty sceptical about even more kitchen appliances but everyone I know who has one swears by it.


Spuds Not Drugs

have any of you heard of take away pizza? Very no fuss. Almost no prep.

This ^^

Having just seen a pic of the Thermomix I’d be inclined to stick with the above philosophy.

One of the arguments I have been using with Mrs Ezy is that we have gone this long without one and eaten well so far. If it were my decision, we won’t be getting one. But you have to let her have her toys :slight_smile: The only thing that has me excited about it is making my own version of this:

FWIW. We don’t have a juicer or a food processor in our kitchen. But she just got a kitchenaid for her bday. Spoilt.