these rims are da bomb

… or something

“B43 FIXIE” … 13mm deeper than a deep v. They should have called it the Marianas.

It’s named after a lost nuke. Broken Arrow? :roll:

anyone had a go yet? are there even spokes short enough to lace this thing


very old indeed, goose’s recently posted bike in rides section has the first set built up.

over 2500 pairs pre-sold to the states… only a few available here in aus, i hear GEARbrisbane may have a couple of pairs :wink:

What Nath is trying to say is that he de-laced his wheels this morning in anticipation of 43’s arriving this week. :mrgreen:

So should I sell my Shamals and lace up a pair of these?

just teasin’

Yes!!! Sell them to me :smiley: I give you good dorra.

So is there any chance of getting a set in Melburn?

Talk to Dan at Shifterbikes.

Does anyone know the weight of them. How do they compare to a DeepV?

Check the US Velovity blog, pretty sure the info was up there. I think it’s something like 560g, 43mm high, tripple wall. Beefy to say the least.

43mm triple walled, 730g no braking surface.

hahaha, those are your words marty :stuck_out_tongue:

Will ended up getting the cog/lockring off and only slightly scratched my profile :D, still happy tho, epic brain explosion that was…

word at the pub on sat after M-R was that Dan has some already, or had them saturday…

oh and they aint light. according to the person who saw them.

but if you are the sort of person who NEEDS these rims, weight shouldnt really bother you :wink:

750g per rim dependant on how much powdercoat is on em if they’re powdercoated.

Deep V = 500g

A mate is getting one built up on his new rear wheel…hopefully built sometime this week

in the pictures they make your bike look like one of those little toy bikes they sell in japan. you know they ones?

mini-velos. i want one.

second set getting around now???

You are going to have to put up more pictures then that Erik.