Tiagra, is it that bad?

Yo, I want to put a modern group on my hillman for cheap. After dealing with rooted secondhand equipment I want to just put all new on there. Was looking at either Shimano Tiagra or Campag xenon/veloce off ribble.

Tiagra will come in at 370 + post. Is it that bad? It’s also $100 cheaper than th campag group and I won’t have to buy a new free hub body for my Mavic aksiums. Seems like a lot of bang for buck to me. Not overly big on shift quality/feel, as long as it works and shifts. If I want a proper roadbike ill sell my steel stuff and get carbon. Just want to get rolling for cheap.

Thoughts/opinions would be appreciated.

it will do the job in the same way that a datsun 180b will get you to work just as fast as an e class benz

The new 4600 Tiagra is actually pretty good IMO. It’s 10-speed and looks essentially like a rebranded old 5600 105 groupset except the cranks are not ‘hollowtech’. Damn, and they even give you a nice compact FC-4650 crank option too. The only ‘issue’ is that it will be heavy compared to all the higher groups.

my first geared bike since the '90s has tiagra on it (entry jamis cx, 9 spd, double front rings, canti brakes)
it has become my everything bike. daily commuting, some singletrack, a gravel grinder…7 months on and i haven’t needed a gear tune up as yet, nothings busted. i’m a bit lazy with my maintenance too, leaving cleaning/oiling a bit too long between drinks.

I have a mate that rides up Arthurs seat, Kinglake rides etc on 8 year old not all that well maintained Sora. It has held up pretty good, just a front deraillieur change a few months ago.
The new Tiagra is alot better I would think.

new Tiagra shifts much better than new 105 as they didn’t go the internally routed cable.

Interesting to know that the newer 105 doesn’t shift was well as the older. Anyone else experience this?

Yeah most people agree this is the case.
For instance 7900 rear shifting is worse than 7800. We’re only talking subtle differences though, nothing significant.

Go the campagnolo option.

Been running Campy on the roadie for 10 plus year. Been good. Few issues with non-CT FD with CT cranks.
Haven’t got around to swapping it over for the new one sitting in the cupboard.
Been running Deore on the MTB (current commuter) for even longer. Wore out a set of shifters, now have SLX.
New commuter is running mix of SLX&XT and having thoughts about monster cross with dirt drops and Tiagra brifters so 4500 9 speed.

i disagree

i found 7800 to be too light, the shifts with the new style shifters seem a lot more definite

Light= less friction= better shifting (according to the bike industry).

If you want definite shifting, try DA 7400. Those shifters are like industrial ratchets!

if you want gumby light shifting get sram double tappy tap tap

What about some strategic upgrades, maybe just brifters and rear derailler to 105, ribbles group builder doesn’t do it but other sites let you play with those options.

In theory I would like to do that, but this is a steel roadie so just want something complete, done and dusted and not have to worry aBout intermittently changing/upgrading/tuning parts. And the price is appealing too.

If I wanted a good decent roade, I’d go buy something carbon with Ultegra.

Thanks for all your help everyone, I think this is the route I will be taking. The price is great and I’m not setting the world on fire in terms of spec list on the bike lol just a 54sq Reynolds 531 Hillman built in the 80’s! I just want a reliable steel roadie where I won’t have to stuff around with it, and this suits my price point!

I’d go the Campag option. Mine hasn’t missed a beat in almost 2 years.

Having said that, I have Tiagra on my cx/commuter and it’s been pretty good so far, except last week the L/hand shifter seemed to pack it in and it’s only 6 months old.

what about new Dura-ace downtube shifters? - 9 or 10spd. Cheap and reliable. . .

What about Di2?

Yeah good call. It doesn’t require maintenance after all.