OK to put it simply… i dont give a fuck what you think…
started something real.
support it or don’t.

now there is a good pitch
i like it

emo + bikes =

they still exist? We discussed this Brendan. As far as i knew, they had all turned indie or metalcore. Cheap mondays or camo shorts etc.

resists urge to post brokencyde video

you cannot resist…

silly silly boys. emo’s are still around they wear mosh pants, claim edge and have x’s in there fixed gear forum names…

Those pants were a gift. What am I supposed to do, she lives with me for fucks sake!

One of the girls holding the bikes has an I Killed The Prom Queen chest piece… spewin

i don’t even know what these are.

veni, vidi, veni :stuck_out_tongue:



Now we’re make jokes in latin?

Hocine tibi habeas iocum?

??? not sure if you have studied Latin or just used a translator on this but you just said.

Hocine - name or name of / known as.
tibi - yourself/thyself or reference to you being something?? noun?
habeas - have, hold, consider…
at least you hit the nail on the head with the last part…
iocum derives from the more commonly known Latin word jocus meaning,
iocum - joke, jest; sport

Latin is such an old language that many words actually have several meaning not quite sure what you are trying to make a pun at here? good to see you giving it a red hot go tho…

you sure got a funny way of showing it!

“Is this your idea of a joke?”

Haven’t studied Latin, happy for you to correct it if you have. Was stolen from the internet via google and cannot vouch for its accuracy.

He said “Is this your idea of a joke”

Also i find it curious that you think sarcasm cannot be expressed in the written form.
this is wrong

i think maybe you should read more books and less wikipedia.

(my last post got deleted, dont know why. Mods?)

Very defensive isnt he.

sure did study Latin:

Grumio est in culina, Caecilius est in horto et Metella est in atrio

but that’s about the extent of it.

happy times