vegan for a week

k so me and a mate have decided that we wanna check what vegan is like so were gonna try and make a week sticking strictly to a vegan diet. basically was just seeing if anyone had any delicious vegan meal ideas they wanna share. i know we can drink little creatures and fat yakk but thats pretty much all i know so far.

coopers is vegan too. that’s 3 food groups covered.
you can go to east brunswick club 7 nights in a row and eat their awesome vegan parma.
and eat okra, it’s awesome

Are you planning on turning vegan, or just seeing what it’s like?

PM user ‘Antmandan’. His missus Cath is the queen of vegan cooking. I would turn vegan if Cath cooked for me everyday. Multiple Brisbane folk will back me up on this! Not sausage - sausage rolls and muffins are defs my fav’s.

Just looking to check it out really. Argument arose over dinner and me and my mate thought it would be interesting to just try it and see how we felt after (not that a week is thhaaat long but still) thanks the JAMS and Gypo, will defiantly try the vegan parma, will also go Moroccan soup bar, and vegie bar

I decided to"try being vegetarian for 2 months", and have been ever since. That was almost 10 years ago. Had a 4 yr vegan patch in the middle, i felt awesome doing it. I recommend anyone give it a go. Even if it turns out to not be for you, you can learn alot.

rice milk > soy milk.

that’s all you need to know.

Kath was chuffed Gypo! :smiley:

Go here for some good recipes.

[li]Nuttelex is awesome, use it on your morning toast, and as a replacement for butter in a lot of cooking. [/li][li]Egg replacer is good for baking cakes, it comes in a small cardboard box.[/li][li]Tofu rocks! But it needs to be fried, or at least flavoured with something to work well. The marinated soyco stuff is the shiznik![/li][li]Do not expect to find a replacement for good quality cheese, there just isn’t one. Cheezly is good if you absolutely must use cheese (e.g. pizza), but this is one thing that you will just have to live without, and to be honest I don’t miss it.[/li][li]Most puff pastry is vegan.[/li][li]Praise 97% fat free mayonnaise is vegan.[/li][li]Use at least one of tofu, beans, lentils, chickpeas in your dinner. They taste awesome and are great meat replacements.[/li][li]Roast lots of vegetables, and experiment with herbs![/li][li]Learn to love Thai food, except for the use of fish sauce which can be substituted with soy pretty much every dish can be made vegan![/li][li]Take a B12 supplement if you end up sticking vegan long-term.[/li][/ul]

I applaud your initiative, I started down this path doing a similar thing. Most likely you’ll slip at some point, hell I’m still finding out about hidden ingredients in a lot of stuff that I presumed was vegan, and this last 3 weeks in Japan has been impossible given the language barriers and use of fish in pretty much everything. But honestly who cares! You are trying to do the right thing, and you’ll get it right 99% of the time.

We’ve got a flight out of here tomorrow so if I get a chance I’ll post up some recipes of ours later in the week!

i hear ‘faux dick’ is good too…

sorry this is a sydney vegan joke and i could miss an opportunity to continue the game…

not an easy thing to do for some one who’s not even a vegetarian
you need to make sure your diet is well balanced or your going to run outa steam really fast.
i don’t think giving up meat is too hard ( i dated a vegetarian for a year and only ate meat when in restaurants ) but vegan is a whole other level…

good luck.

you might find moroccan soup bar to be a bit thin on the vegan dishes… but try:
woodspoon kitchen on smith st
trippy taco on smith st
plush pizza in hawthorn
la panella bakery (aka preston pies) on high st
and theres a new place on brunswick st called yong green that looks interesting.

all allow you to specify/select vegan easily…

pip: cant agree with rice milk > soy. name the rice milk brand and i’ll investigate though…

choc almond milk>everything!

what the hell!?!

i thought eggs were pretty important when it comes mayo?

not saying you’re wrong but this surpises me.

Good luck for a week, i’m finding it hard enough not to shop at safeway let alone becomming veg or veg.

White Lotus in Victoria st North Melbourne has Vegan food and is a Vegie restaurant…

Black Swan Hummus and Carr’s water crackers are vegan…

My dad is a full blown Nazi vegan, wont even eat honey cause it comes from a Bee :?
So pretty much grew up as a Vegan, ate some pretty good food, did some pretty stinky farts and if i wasn’t so lazy and unorganised id probably be a Vegan again. My main problem is i like food too much and i hate restricting things in my life. ex GF is a Vegan and Gluten intolerant. Was pretty fucking hard to feed that bitch.

I used to love the sanitarium sausage roll mix things in puff pastry with a bit of sauce for a snack, Hungry Jacks Vege burgers go all right, Heeps of Indian food, shit loads of Pasta Neapolitan styles etc. etc. Oh and get stuck into the Falafels! That shit is a good meat replacement.

All the best with it, just dont fall into the trap of eating nothing but McDonalds french fries when you “Cant find anything else to eat” cause you will turn into a fat cunt.

I never been vegetarian / vegan, but for a while when I wasn’t working I rarely ate meat (it was too expensive). I pretty much lived on pasta and pasta bake (although I use cheese for this). Sure it was just a jar of pasta sauce with fresh vegetables (zucchini, capsicum, tomato, mushroom, broccoli, spinach, onion and sometimes pumpkin) and some mixed herbs and garlic, but it’s easy as shit to make and depending on the sauce, could quite easily be vegan.

i’ve been vego about 10 years as well with a 3-4 vegan patch in the middle.

once it becomes habit, it becomes easy.

some good food blogs (vego and vegan) courtesy of my girlfriend, who is a total vego gourmet and ensures i don’t live on falafel and bala’s by sending me recipes to try out -

Why is it only Coopers, Little Creatures and Fat Yak are vegan? I didn’t think any Australian beers use isinglass in the brewing filtration process, but I could be wrong.

I thought only Cooper Pale Ale was vegan and the others (Dark, Stout, Lager, Sparkling) aren’t’?

Are you going to still wear leather shoes and belts?