Vegan Meal Plan

Trying to find a decent Vegan meal plan.

Any help ?

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i don’t understand the question. you want something to tell you what to eat for each meal?

Vegan is not the answer.

fuck dude, we are all so fucking glad you chimed in on this matter!

hey, anyone else who wants to debate the merits of veganism can start their own thread. i’ma delete any of that shit from this thread.

ill try to be helpful doosmith, 30 day menu - Easy vegan lifestyle vegan easy challenge

two enthusiastic thumbs up for this on-topic response. i totally take back all of those things i said about you.

You said things about me? :frowning:

probably. they were about how you weren’t very good at providing vegan meal plans for people.

Can we talk about unique cars and kittens again?

A week, vego but many would be redily made vegan.

Check out Brendan Brazier’s book if you haven’t, as well as True Love Health blog.

Is this to help your cycling, or just to be healthy?

Oh i’m already Vegan. Just want to try and eat lots of good food to be more healthy and to help with cycling.
I find if I stick to a meal plan i’ll not eat rubbish like a whole garlic bread for dinner and not waste so much money at the supermarket buying stupid stuff…

Thanks, this is the best thing i’ve seen yet. Would love something like this a little more spec’d towards cyclists / athletes thou!

just hit the protein shakes if its just for cycling. lol

haha, FJ, it’s not just you!

that’s a +1 on brendan brazier from me. i don’t follow the meal plans, but have taken a bunch of recipes. specifically geared towards vegan athletes. you may also wanna check out True Love Health | keeping vegans healthy and happy, which is written by a vegan nutritionist / cyclist / occasionally ultramarathon runner.

I used to be vegan about 8 years ago, I’m not anymore but thats not all that relevant to what I have to add here. I found being vegan and eating well challenging, mainly because it requires a good knowledge of cooking and at the time this is something that I lacked. I think that should I decide to once again eat vegan it would be much easier now that I have a greater knowledge of food and recipes.

I eat a number of vegan meals each week for no reason other than they are good recipes. I think that a meal plan is an excellent idea but you have to remain mindful of seasonality too. So, it’s best if you can have the knowledge of how to prepare ways to meals in a number of ways (pasta, paella, rissotto, pilaf, curries, bakes, salads etc), but be able to tailor the ingredients to suit the seasons - ie not eating tomatoes in winter/spring, or apples in summer.

Its not a meal plan but can I recommend a number of excellent cookbooks that while not being not vegan, or even vegetarian, have a lot of excellent vegan meals within them (or vegan with some minor tweeking) and most have an emphasis on seasonality:

Chez Panisse Vegetables
Vegetables from an Italian Garden
Yotam Ottolenghi Plenty
Moro, Moro II & Moro East
Everyday Harumi
Pat Chapman’s Vegetable Curry Bible

Hope this helps.

Best thing i have done for my diet while training is a huge fuck off salad most days, as well as upping my protein and iron. And garlic bread.

Mrs Ant is getting very good at making a coconut yogurt, when she perfects it I’ll post the recipe/method up here.

yes. do that. i miss yoghurt sometimes.