more pictures to come. these were taken on a Samsung Galaxy 8megpix thing

Frame = Vitus (carbon and alu combo)
Wheels = Phil Woods laced to Deep Vs (just for you Bender)
Stem = Nitto Jaguar 90mm
Bars = Cinelli Pista (something, something, something)
Saddle = Concor black suede
Cranks = Stronglight modern jobbies
Sprocket = Roselli
Chain = Izumi (black)
Bar Tape = Black cloth
Pedals = Time Attac
Tires = Gators 25mm (not enough clearance on the front so I’ll swap to a 23 or 21 soon)

Like and want that frame… Good build

Do want! Damn this thing is sweet azz. Have to borrow it for a spin!

bloody nice azz, jeez 2012 has opened up rather nicely!

Nice build!

tidy build, stem > head tube > fork > hub thing is hot.

looks almost like polo gearing az :stuck_out_tongue:
nice build though

Looks the goods.

Nice build,

what’s the weight like compared to your steel track bikes?

Very purdy. Toight like a toiger.

frame is sick! nice build


Vintage Al and C clearly ages like vino and formaggio when you build it right. Nice work Azz.

Great looking frame. I’m taking it that you’re using it as a tarck bike?! :eek:

Hate to be a NNancy but I’d be cautious riding round on one of those old vitus crabon frames. Those things are notorious coming unglued due to corrosion in the alloy lugs. More of a hang on the wall type frame IMHO.

^ City Commuter atm.

Dan I’ll drop it over to you to borrow for a week or so anytime you want.

Boom! Always been intrigued by these frames. Swing you a msg this week some time!


looks purdy

This build turned out sweet, good work azz! Nice geo on that frame

Love it, great build mate

Really? How many have you ridden and how many have come apart on you?

Tired of ill informed 3rd hand opinions. Your opinion counts for shit.