What are other good potentially good wheels on market?

Just want to know what are other good wheels out there now. Besides B43’s, deep v’s or aeros. That’s all i know pretty much. i want to search for something different to purchase.

Aerospokes and those Stars wheelsets are probably right up your alley.

Go to velomine.com
they have a good collection of wheels, and are cheap.
Don’t buy stars wheels at any cost…


You need to define your purpose. Is ‘good’ something that looks cool to you, or performs well? Is ‘good’ something that is fast on the track or durable for the street? (note: these sets are not mutually exclusive).

B43s and aerospokes are really in the same category to me - they are heavy and some people choose them because they like the look. In my experience, aerospokes are quiet flexible laterally.

A veolocity deep-v wheelset is a strong, reliable and entry level wheelset. Because of this, they were once the wheelset to have on a fixed gear, but they are now so common they are uncool. They are still strong, reliable and cheap.


I am looking for a rear wheel, that is significantly light. I do like the look of the b43’s. but just wanted to know what other brands there are. I don’t do a lot of tricks apart from skidding. which in my half isnt a trick, just another source of brakes. So i want to go for long rides…

B43s are not light… but if you aren’t racing then who cares - get what ever you like the look if. You probably want a sealed bearing.
I’d get a deep-v over a B43, I don’t like the look or weight of the B43s.
As daniel said, have a look on velomine.

Sounds like you want a sensible, functional wheelset. B43’s are absolute rubbish. The good news is that any new wheel will feel super light in comparison!

Mavic Open Pro rim is a good starting point. Builds up pretty light, durable etc. Oh and you can run a brake on them unlike the B43 rim.

you forgot, is “good” something that “gives me mad stret cred and will make the ladies wish to get carnal with me”

Velomine has Formula/Open Pro wheelsets for $199… hard to beat that, considering you could barely buy the rims alone in Australia for that price.

Yeah don’t go the B43’s. I got a set cause they were cheap. I now wish I had a saved that cash.
In fact, don’t go anything remotely close to b43’s unless you’re racing and get 88mm carbon rims, or doing mad tricks.
While mavic OP’s won’t get the mad head turning looks and make girls wet, they have been tried and tested for years by other people riding fixed, and the reviews are awkwardly positive, so take their advice. I did.

I’ve read about these “Pro-Lite” wheels which seem to get good reviews. Their priced decently, anyone ever try them. It would be hard to beat the Mavic OP/Formula combo, but anything is possible.

Pro-Lite Oz (Powered by CubeCart)

i’ve been riding on a set of these on my shitty mongoose for the last 2 years, as both ss and fixed.

Weinmann Deep V DP18 Track Wheels ALL WHITE Fixed Gear | eBay

haven’t had a single issue with them. they’re strong, come in plenty of colours (if that gets you going), not stupidly heavy, and they’re cheap. mine arrived in about 12 days (well kinda, i won’t go into the shipping fuck up again).

the velomine one’s mentioned above sound like a bargain too, just depends on what kind of profile you wanna go for.

aren’t there a ton of threads on this already??

haha i like that comment!

Light, cheap, strong … pick any two.

I like Velocity Razor’s and A23’s for rims. Hubs? Depends on what you’re building them for and what budget you have.

I love Velocity Fusions!

It also depends a lot on what frame they are going on as to what is going to look good. Open Pro cd’s on classic steel are certainly the way to go or the new TB 14 from H+son. I’m a huge Mavic fan but have just ordered 2 pairs of the H+ for a couple of builds. The finish on the H+ product in my opinion is even better than the Mavic counterpart and judging by how and what they’re made of should stack up in the long run. Just ordered some DEEP carbon as well so who knows…

What’s the spoke count on the carbon bad boys Marty?

28h The Nago will finally be complete. MMMM Charbon

I’ll also put a shout out for dp18s. I ran a set for ages. In fact you bought the front yellow one off me. You should come and buy the rear too. $50.

Also Ambrosio Evolutions, what I currently run (as open pros were out of stock) laced to sealed ambrosio hubs (probably rebranded origin8/formula). Bought em for an absolute steal. They are true, bomb proof and look a tiny bit nicer than open pros.


will certainly look the business once built