Why do...?

People that wear community challenge jerseys (eg. BUPA Challenge) a) suck wheel like there is no tomorrow, and b) have no skills dealing with any sort of traffic…?

Had some doofus sitting up my arse this morning, there was a lady on her bike going slow in front of me, skid hops got rid of him eventually, then he overtook me and got all worried and kept braking because there was traffic somewhere possibly near him.

lol, i can relate

I saw two BUPA’s riding on the footpath once. Maybe they only feel comfortable in mass?

Dude… I just did your commute after having to drop the car for a service in Norwood. Soooooo many freds, bupas, wobleathons, wheel suckers, shoalers, bmc/greededge jersey wearers, zip tie heads, ect. No wonder you are an angry commuter.

Add (VIC) Round The Bay jersey wearers to that one.

EDIT: /\ Ha ha!!

More of a roadie garment- but WTF is with the bandana? Usually but not always bandana= shit rider.

Solution: beans for breakfast, brew up a nice big fart an hold till one of these muppets is behind you

Thats more of a challenge than dropping them on a climb…

Almost always seen in combination with a MTB decked out with rear panniers and mirrors here in BNE.

what are you doing riding slow enough that a fred can hold your wheel?

Yeah, I was wondering where you were going.

I’m glad you saw how shit it can be. I think it’s even worse because of the road closures for Clipsal.

Yeah good point! haha

I’ll put the situation into context…

Light went green, traffic to my right, lady in front of me, couldn’t over take because I had cars right next to me, Fred came up behind me…

That would make a good cycling-themed horror movie title

i took part in the commuter olympics yesterday for the first time in a while and it was horrible

got shoaled about 5 times, idiots in bupa/mutual community gear wobbling around all over the shop which was annoying

i dont really understand these people. they cruise along at 18km/h so you go past them and they immediately smash themselves to sit on your wheel, then they shoal you at the lights so its rinse & repeat…

one sitter onnerer shoaled me then decided to show me who’s boss up the false flat on greenhill road… elbows and knees going everywhere, bombing it in the drops doing about 24 km/h. what the hell is wrong with these people.

Or fixed slash fiction?

Add running reds, riding on the footpath, four abreast up Beulah road, running shorts over Lycra / full Lycra and sneakers…

That’s me! Oh shit…

there’s a guy i see every few weeks in world champ stripes on a specialised road bike with sneakers…it takes all my willpower not to laugh out loud when i go past him.

i find it’s better to go really, really slow until they get sick of riding on your wheel and fuck right off.