winners don't use drugs.....

2 years for Cvntador…
Dunno if back dated yet, bit of a meltdown on UCI site.

I think its 2 years from the day of the test, The ban ends in August so will miss the tour and Olympics.
Reports: Contador stripped of 2010 Tour - Cycling - Eurosport Australia

Cheating whore. May the spiked dicked devils ream him in his holes.

Actually, they mostly do.

Drugs are pretty fun some times…

Fixed that for you.

Words cannot convey how little this news moves me.

Finger bang that Bertie!

They should have given him an extra year for that stupid jersey too.

I don’t like that back dating rule. It means that for the last nearly two years he has still led the life of a pro, something that he doesn’t deserve. If they are going to penalise him two years, they should have increased it to four. Finger banger makes me angry.


Yeah, so basically he gets a 6 month ban?
Fuck him

minus the period of provisional suspension served in 2010-2011 (5 months, 19 days). The suspension will therefore come to an end on August 5, 2012.

Edit: sorry, you’re right, 6 months.

So much outrage over the verdict given to Contador, but none about the Feds dropping Lance’s case without filing charges?

Frandy got their TdF win, they can relax now and not worry about July 2012.

Gaaaargh, and on the news this morning

“The tour de france yellow jersey was stripped from Alberto Contador”
Cue vision of Cadel Evans

So as everyone already knows, the whole thing is bullshit. Everything is rigged, the legal system is a farce, the UCI is a mile up Lance’s arse, Phil Liggett is on the payroll, etc etc.

I would pay to have Phil Liggett read me bedtime stories. I love his voice.

Sorry am I missing something- the guy got his Tour and Giro wins stripped from him. Surely that’s a pretty significant punishment??

But he still got that moment of standing on the podium. If only there was a way to take memory that from him.

Fuck you want to kill the guy??

Why am I not allowed to think a 6 month ban is too little?

Nah… ice pick in the frontal lobe.