Wombat 100 / Woodend / 22nd April 2012 / CX Class

Appropriately enough this is the CX/MTB forum, I was surprised to see the Wombat 100 has a CX class. I would imagine 100km on this course on a CXer would mean some roughed up wheels, frames, and bodies.

None the less, there is a CX class… A Monster Cross 29er would own this class…

Cyclocross (All Ages)
To enter the Cyclocross (CX) category, your bike must have 700c wheels, drop bars, no suspension and cantilever, disc or caliper brakes.

Wombat 100

2,000+ metres of climbing, sounds brutal!

Can’t see there being that many actually who finish. I mean Wombat would be tricky enough on a CX over 50km

My mate Giovanni did this on a Kona dew november last year. Granted it didnt have drop bars, however he managed to complete the course on 700c wheels and a full rigid. He was the only one on 700c wheels and finished in a respectable position just below mid field.

people used to ride further with worse bikes than the modern cx bikes.

having said that i’m considering doing this on a mtb…

They probably didn’t average 20+ km/h over 100km though. With that being said, I’m in for this race on an MTB as well.

This sounds like fun. I’m hoping to have my MTB by then…

another maybe for MTB

Everyones getting a MTB eh? :wink:

MTB sounds like it’s the new CX

Naw… it’s just that this forum is no longer a hipster doofus hangout, it’s gone mainstream.

Yeah but they all probably want rigid 29ers…:smiley: (That said, I ride a 26" chromo which almost as bad.)

I think I’ll try Wombat 100 too if I can get a leave pass.

I think that you guys will probably appreciate this:


I was going to do it on my CX last year with a mate on a MTB but he bailed.

I’m in on CX.

(or maybe fixed MTB)

Alot of repair work of the course needs to be done before I would really consider…

Is it really munted out there? I saw it was getting busted up by around April/May, I guess people kept charging regardless. :frowning: Shame it was a good fun bit of singletrack.

The main trails are great, no problems at all. With that being said, I wouldn’t ride a CX bike out there, it’s a bit rough for that.

good to know - I look forward to heading out there in a few weeks time. Better get training huh?!

I’m going to do the 50 km on the SSCX just so I can feel like death warmed up that night. I might do a pre ride fry up at our place in Daylesford in the morning if any others are interested.

entered in the 100 mtb. looking forward to giving it another crack without vomiting all day the day before…

How’s everyone tracking in preparing for the Wombat? It’s a deceiving course at 100km…