X Straight edge X

So anyway, while trolling (in the fishing capacity) through the forums I noticed a lot of usernames flanked by X’s, something I have not seen in any other forum I have frequented. A short wiki later and I learn something new today about straight edge.
I was wondering how youse got involved with it and the connection with fixies?

Me too. The x’s have a lot to answer for.

Mine have nothing to do with straight edge. For the record.

no offense, but does that really matter?

I dont think it would have anything to do with fixed gears.
just people proud of there life choices, and letting you know about it with every post they make :sunglasses:

Worse than fukn christians.

I might put a D on either side of my name for (D)rink & (D)rugs.

great post also.

what is it about straight edge people that you find offensive?

cos you can spell it fixXxed!

sing it shortsie!

The odour of mung beans.

Jesus The Internet teaches me something new EVRYDAY!!

are you implying that being straight edge means you are vego/vegan?

no http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straight_edge

this thread is hilarious

Not to be confused with Straightedge, the tool

yeh, don’t you guys shun everything? Meat, drink, drugs etc but still have one shifty little exclusion to your rules by still taking the stimulant caffeine?

sheesh everyone is very on edge today. Humerous though.

[quote=Heatseeker ]

only fair trade caffeine