Looking for some stickers..

blakey, can we ban people for being annoying?

Yes Brendan, yes we can.

This is not a democracy.

Sweet, I’m banning Brendan…

you know we could ask you this for just about every post you’ve put up of these forums.
but i suppose it’d just be a waste of time cause the answer would always be that- no, you’re just a dick.

it’d be nice to have some time off.

I try to contribute without posting stupid shit and over indulging in my “Moderation Banning Sick Bro Skills” and get everyone to suck up to me, cause I’m Mod. I get frustrated when arseholes counter-act my posts.
And yes, this is a pretty crap post just to prove a point, but I’m sure it’s better than Brendan’s Last 5.

Thought I’d deliver

Too easy.

Is it really that hard to say “tonight”. And I don’t think he was just trying.

I will try and finally take of few pics of things and get them up here. you should check out worldsbeststickers.com (i think) as they have some shit hit funny stuff as well.

Hey Brendan, do you actually have those my little pony stickers?
For some reason I think babyjane would like those.

I cannot believe people who think they can pick public fights with the mods/admins… it amuses me no end.

goodbye LukeR.

back on topic: i have some ‘today’s Best worker’ and ‘Top Work’ stickers that I have no real use for… will trade for polite thank yous.

Ah you got to responding before I did mr_dylan. You are quite right in assuming that I would dig them. Brendan if you do actually have some My Little Pony stickers you’re willing to part with I may just have to yank them politely from your hands :slight_smile: Let me know.

These sound like the stickers that I got when I did good work in primary school. But you would receive many polite thank yous if you are willing to help me out?

remember that episode of the simpsons when bart rings up moe’s tavern and asks for “second name jarss, first name hugh?” and then a guy comes up to the phone and says, “i’m hugh jarss.” and then bart feels stupid?


Ahh, I think I understand the relevance of this anecdote lol.

Just got a few bery RAD ones from the guys at House Of Pistard with my new T…

searching for “hugh jarss / huge ass” on google images was not my finest hour.

Quick Smithers, we can take the Spruce Moose. Hop in!

Er, sir…

I said, hop in!

Well despite this unfortunate incident I did end up getting some glow in the dark My Little Pony stickers. So kudos for giving me the idea brendan lol.

as blakey mentioned, i do have a heap of stickers with superheros on them.

but you can only have one if you hand in your “so much to tell you” assignment on time.

Ordered some stickers off of eBay. Pretty good quality I believe. The True Necromance sticker will probably go on my head set. Have to get around to stripping my bike first.