The small joys today thread (a bit of Yang for FoA Yin of late)

More of a boring confession, but you’re really selling it.

We bought a massive jar of pickles that scanned as “cucumbers” we complained to the self check-out person that we didn’t buy any cucumbers and we got them free.

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just some old partially rotted qukes

surely it’d only count as a BC if i admitted to knowing about it & choosing not to say anything…?

oh god dont u start rollu “8 mm” cox

get outta here with ya 8mm nonsense dr yimmy.

SJ: Won a bag from Harry.
SJ: Crowd isn’t happy



Tim tams are on special at Coles. $1.82 a packet. I bought 3 of the double coat.

Semi related. It’s Tim Tam day at WeWork.

Nothing like tim tams to distract the workers from impending corporate implosion…


SJ: Velobase is back…phew…

SJ: picked up a pair of bonds casual shorts at $15 a pop from their outlet store
BC: really liking that fleecy type of shorts these days, pretty much in shorts all year round.

TC: I have a pair of polar fleece shorts. (From NZ bush work days)

TC I nearly bought a pair of puffy shorts in a japanese thrift shop.

for that summer tassie tuxedo.

Finally got around to using my diy headset press made from threaded rod/washers from Bunnings.

SJ: Worked a treat and definitely felt more #pro than a rubber mallet.

people have been banned for less.

On the topic of shorts, when I was in Japan I saw what looked like essentially a stubby short but lots of different colours. Im thinking holy shit look how lit this is. Run over to them. Ticket says: “Women’s half pant”.



well i know what i’m changing your contact name in my phone to…


SJ: Putting together a $0 budget SS 26" pub/lock up bike to get to the shops and local errands, and to leave in the garage of our apartment block.

So far have sourced a nakamura tange crmo 1 1/8" frame and a segmented 26" fork for free from various gumtree/fb marketplaces.

Last night picked up some free wheels on the chance they were decent and true - rolled around to find a near-new mavic sup rims laced to shimano hubs in snazzy sunset ano finish. Can’t wait to build this up.