The small joys today thread (a bit of Yang for FoA Yin of late)

SJ: My last day of work here after 7 years.
NSJ: Doubt I’ll be able to browse FOA at the new gig. So see you all!


SJ: Spent my Monday after work making chicken stock and hand pulled egg noodles. Finished making a huge batch of chicken noodle soup around 10pm. Now I got chicken soup for the next week (if I dont freeze it first).

Hmm, maybe that last part should be a boring confession…

You work for FoA? Wow.

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yep. where do i collect my cheque?

Went on a bushwalk with the family yesterday (public holiday in Bendigo for Bendigo Cup) around Mount Alexander. The girls spotted an echidna off the side of the trail, which we watched for 4-5 minutes from a few metres away while it burrowed around for ants. Then it waddled over towards my 7 year old who stood frozen. It sniffed her ankle, thought for a bit, then sniffed her other ankle, thought a bit more, then waddled between her legs and off up the hill. It was bloody fantastic! Echidnas are the best.


SJ: Took advantage of a new network of trails around the Arboretum here in Canberra - nice, easy grade single track through various types of trees… even a few Boab trees in there. Happy days.

The already rad commute just got better.

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On the other hand, I passed a bloke on a penny farthing yesterday. That was a commute highlight after getting a flat earlier on.

You always have to one up me

I would rather have sweet single trail on my commute than have the off chance of seeing a p-far. I think you win this one Adam.