The small joys today thread (a bit of Yang for FoA Yin of late)

bike was my cheapo commuter, rear wheel is pretty mangled but everything else is ok. Cracked helmet and scuffed sunnies so will get those replace by her insurance. Bike ill need to get checked out by their approved repairer which ive actually been to as theyve worked on the very same bike.

SJ1: insurance approved payout for lid and sunnies, still need to get bike assessed.
SJ2: shoulder progressing nicely i think, mobility and strength slowly coming back
NJS: still not riding yet


SJ: all the doors and gates at our house all close properly at the same time, for the first time


how does that work? you get someone at every door/gate and yell out “CLOSE” really loud?


SJ: first time back on the bike, commuted in. No dramas with the collar
NSJ: everything else a tad sore.

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NSJ: Puncture on the way to work
SJ: Dude in an apartment opposite leant me his floor pump.


SJ: How good is it when you find a really really great LBS? International Cycles (ADL) is awesome. Proper good mechanic. Doesnt just scoff and suggest you drop $6k on a new bike instead of the dumb retrofitting hack plan you’re trying to do. Also features as good a retro collection as you’ll find in any Aus lbs.


SJ: saved $6 on a pair of socks because the guy entered the item incorrectly. Winning.

SJ: got another locker closer to the actual EOT facility shower, so no longer in the middle of the bloody car park.

NSJ: got covid, hit hard on Thursday.
Kinda-SJ: World Cup is on so haven’t been bored at home.