The 'what you've done to your bike today' thread

Upgraded the gravel bike, wanted Thru Axles and room for at least 700x45s.

Pick it up off an old guy, pretty much new condition. Stoked.


Fresh paint :melting_face:


Got some crabon rims onto the NFE. Shimano dyno hub and some sort of AliExpress knockoff rear. Hetres measure out to 44.5mm now. New rings/chain/cassette.
Will be back commuting a couple times a week.

New dt460 wheels for the roadie. Dt350 rear hub, tiny SP front hub. Spesh turbo 30mm with tpu tubes. 11sp campy mix shifting, Shimano crank/chain/cassette.
The only dither left on this one is the possibility of chorus 12sp, maybe next year.


your rear light setups are pro

gosh. thanks. wait til I tell you how the wiring on the Primate needs to be jiggled every now and then cos I’m so bad at wiring.

Bent the fork by riding into the side of a car that decided to turn in front of me.
Good news 1: no damage to me
Good news 2: minimal damage to front wheel
Good news 3: fork is repairable
Bad news: three month wait

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Hope asshat pays for repair job?

Yeah I sent them the invoice and they paid pretty much straight away.


squeezed some 42c challenge gravel grinders onto the mares.


@rcoh is looking at a Mares for gravel riding. Is 42 the biggest that’ll fit?

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Took the Hook to my LBS to have it cleaned/lubed/new tape/new tyres/re bled/ new front wheel bearings/wheels trued.

All in prep for Seven this saturday, absolutely shitting my pants.

Bike’s never looked so clean though

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You could probably fit a 45 on the front but the 42 on the back is probably the biggest, possibly a 43 pending what style of tread pattern.

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Currently running 700 x 44 WTB Raddlers front and back with plenty of space up front, and still room to go out back for at least a 47 i reckon.

45mm seems like the sweet spot for my current riding though.