Stripped thread?

So bought a brand spanking new KHS Flite last week, i rode it a couple times up and down the street and had the rear cog slip slightly, so i tightened the lock ring some more, really tight and kept riding, last night it completely unwound and popped off both the lock ring and cog as i was riding down a hill. i’ve only ridden it about a 2km all up.

it appears a heap of the thread has been stripped, there is metal flakes everywhere. It doesn’t look that bad as both the cog and lock ring still screw on and off so it may have just taken the tops of the threads. does anyone know whats happened to cause this? the lock ring was tight? everything seemed good, so did i miss something? or should i be calling the shop and asking for help?

call the shop, they are compelled to help you dude.

Your lock ring may have been tight, but that is useless given your cog was loose.

2kms old? Take it back to the shop and demand a new wheel - they clearly didn’t build it properly.

I bought it in a box from the a distributor sale, the wheel was all assembled, but was told to tighten the lock ring before riding, so i did exactly that. I just called them and they tried to palm it off to a bike shop and told me i should have tightened it more. They’ve got the warranty guy giving me a call soon, so hopefully i can get it resolved.

Sounds like you might be up a certain creek. If you didn’t get a workshop to put the bike together, you can hardly expect them to cover your wheel for free. You might get lucky and they could swap it for you out of the love deep in their heart, but otherwise you will have to prove that the product was unfit for purpose or faulty.


Sounds like you didn’t tighten the lockring before riding.

It’s all in the sig …

The KHS flite’s come from the factory with a loose cog. The shop should have tightened it up before you purchased it. Be polite and ask them what they are willing to do for you.

And remember that, if the cog is loose, tightening up the lockring won’t do anything…

yeah i had a mate tighten it before i rode it the first time but it still slipped, hence comment about buying one myself and tightening it again the next day.

I’m waiting for a call back, I’ll see what they recommend.

can anyone recommend a decent cog to get, or an online shop that has some?

Dura ace and phil wood cogs are good. Just out of curiosity, did you grease the thread?

Fair enough - I thought you had ridden it without touching the cog or lockring.

cheers. It was already greased.

But you didn’t tighten the cog.

I did but i didn’t have a chain whip so did it with a mate standing on the cranks and holding the wheel, then tightened the lockring with a single tooth c tool.

Is it common for people to thread their hubs if it’s not tightened correctly? What should i have done?

It’s not uncommon. You should have properly tightened the cog and then the lockring. [u]Rotafix[/u] if you don’t have a chainwhip.

Use it as an excuse to get a better rear wheel.

You can’t tighten a cog that way.

Either rotafix it (google) or use a chainwhip.

If the sprocket is gold, it’s aluminium, I would bin it straight away and replace it with a Roselli (cheaper) or Dura Ace / Phil Wood / Soma / Surly.

It’s tempting but i was hoping the rear wheel would last longer than 2km.

Great Link San Esteban.

my cog is very tightly done up on my old wheels, and last time I tried to get it taken off the guy at Bike Bar Bondi bent his chainwhip and said he couldn’t do it. Can you rotafix in reverse?

Yes, works just fine

It’s a good idea to put a rag around your BB shell too, otherwise you’ll probably get some scratches.

[i]“The lock ring is now unnecessary.”

[/i]This however, is bad advice.